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Post your reviews on here for Bharat.

Do not Plagiarise and also do not post any spoilers. If spoil you must, please give a spoiler warning.

Also be sure to rate the movie outta 5!

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Okay here's my review. Spoiler alert though.

Rating: 4/5

The story is of one Bharat who is separated from his father and sister during the partition and how he keeps the promise (to his father) of 'taking care and holding his family together' to his family.

There are many highs in the movie. The ship scene which could have easily been a cheesy goofy scene turned out to be a good light hearted one. The cave scene though, as decent for me. Ali did not use Zinda song well there. Bharat's chemistry with Kumud (Katrina) as usual is fire. Jackie plays the role of father with finesse. The partition scene was done very well by all involved.
Sunil Grover did a fantastic job as well. He was not all 'Joker' that I had expected. There are many scenes where his bond with Bharat is tested and he wins those scenes.

One of my all time favourite movies, Agneepath(2012 one though) had the lead character so obsessed with taking revenge his father's murder even though he had a little sister and a widowed mother. Same thing is seen here. Bharat is so obsessed with keeping his promise that he devalues the people around him. I was thinking that it was stupid but Ali addressed it in the movie itself when Kumud and Vilayati both question Bharat's ideals.

Many people are complaining about the last 20 minutes but they are the most important to story. Even though he found his sister, he hadn't yet met his father at the promised place. He was keeping that burden until the age of 70. He was unable to let go of it and in the end he finally lets his father go. He moves on.

Bharat is a beautiful movie. A movie for the ages. Where you see families separate and come back together, friendships prevail, a brother's unending love for his father and sister. I can go on. I have a deep bond with my sisters. I love them more than anything and I felt what Bharat must have gone through all those years.

Salman delivered a best actor award worthy performance. It's another thing that most of his illiterate fans want him to just beat 100 goons and sing silly songs. Here he acted. He cried. He laughed. It was the Salman I wanted. The hardworking one. I totally get is obsession. Way better than Bajrangi and just a tad below Sultan. 5/5!

Sunil Grover was fantastic. As it always happens, some jokes don't work but he's there for Bharat all the way. We all need a friend like him in our lives.

Katrina was good as well. She has that chemistry with Bhai that it just shows. And the ending is what every Salkat fanatic would want in the real life as well.

Jackie was as usual good in a father's role. Boy he doesn't look old at all!

Final Words:
This is how you review a movie. Not "It was not my kind of movie" or "There wasn't enough masala".
I am happy Salman did this. I am still hopeful a blockbuster or superhit verdict at the very least. I will be taking my whole family this sunday.


Great review bro! (bow)

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Bharat Review -
I went to watch Bharat with high expectations after reading some good reviews on twitter but all in all I was hugely disappointed . Biggest Problem of Bharat is another emotional drama which lacks soul like Bajrangi bhaijaan and everything seems so easy . Movie has a very episodic feel to it with nothing happening in the movie . 2nd half was so bad that I desperately wanted the movie to finish . When you make an emotional drama ,first thing would be to get audience interested in story like Bajrangi Bhaijaan opening sequence did the job but here after a fine partition scene it becomes Salman story of getting jobs and his romance with Katrina . Most of the film is boring apart from few romantic moments and funny moments between Sal-Kat. Their chemistry is too good . Humour is cringy but at times it works . Music is the another disappointment of this film . At last I would say movie would have received same fate as Tubelight if there was no romance no massy humour. Somehow Ali Abbas saves this film by making it little appealing to masses ,Still it would likely end up being an average grosser at best . 2/5
Box-office Prediction -200 cr (Max )

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I think you need to learn what a word means :D


His kind of film is Sanju. His kind of song is Main Badhiya tu bhi Badhiya. His kind of goosebumps is Ranbir lifting his eye brows up and down.


hahahaha roarrrrrrrr :D


Ranbir in Sanju is one of the best performance of the decade which is beyond salman Ranbir got all awards let them be in illusion

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One word disappointed....

No script...
Big let down

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Bharat, FDFS 8:30AM Maharaja, Bhubaneswar
I was there with the fanclub so atmosphere was electric, everyone was in the mood of celebration STILL........
Since the time it was announced I was sure that it's the riskiest movie of Salman till date and sadly it has backfired....
Haven't recovered from the disappointment it caused so will update the review in details later.
For now I can only say that it was far better than Race3/Tubelight but nowhere near sultan/Bajrangi.
A Soap opera with tedious melodramatic scenes, Shallow Romance, lame Comics.
Overall a Below Average fare much like Prdp depending upon how Ladies and family audience accept this one.
Rating 2*
Business verdict- I hope it to manage 180+ in the extended weekend (5Days) because I don't see this as a long runner, so this wasn't the comeback that megastar Salman khan needed at this point of time,
Stay strong, hard time will pass

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@Roman what were your ratings for Sanju & Padmavat ..


Bajrangi 4.5/5
Sultan 3.5/5
Sanju 3/5
Padmaavat 3/5
Bharat 2/5


Padmavat still shocks me the kind of business it did ...


Due to controversy and The climax connected in a big way I think until then it was average for me 0.5 extra for that otherwise a 2.5

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my thoughts.....

1 - movie should have been directed by sooraj barjaatiya....this movie is his zone. although it did feel like it was directed by him..... in many occasions during the movie. family songs, dragged scenes melodramatic scenes.

2 - editing was impressive in some scenes and horrendous in some sccenes

3 - movie didn't look like a huge budgeted movie .... it looked like.... they tried to cut cost on evvery ocassion they could

4 - salman khan as old mahn.... of 70 .... didn't have wrinkles???? what the shift........ that never happens. and katrina was supposed to be in her 50s in old avatar?? that was a bit too much to digest.

5 - damn they were right when they said movie should have been less than 2 hours and still it would have felt like a 2.30 hour long..... it is 2.30 hour long but felt like a 3.30 hours duration

6 - disappointed to see disha patani inn just a song appearance and cameo...she was everywhere in promotions ....i thought she had a somewhat good side role ..in terms of screen time

7 - the mehek wanted to marry some one like nehru was hilarious moment...... incredible

8 - bharat stuck in pipeline.... remembering his father was breathtaking..... though he didn't break his legs of arms or bones after that explosion and when rock hit him..... just a scratch ..... weird. but him remembering his past....was incredible

9 - that ship captain ..... was hilarious ..and his wife was hot

10 - i was disappointed with partition sccenes.... they cut huge huge cost .in filming those..... that felt like extremely low on production values.....

11 - bharat child actor was so over the top..and so much overacting.... he was unbearable..... absolutely unbearable so was valaiti child actor...he was evven more unbearable

12 - katrina was passable.....

13 - salman khan did as much he could ....he did as much he did in bajrangi or sultan or tubelight..... and lot more than PRDP ..... he was good.

15 - i thought tubelight to be average..... TZH to be average.... .... prdp below average to average..dangal to be average.....and Bharat to be average to good... so my judgement .... of liking a movie ...is not objective

16 - this movie felt like a biopic..... there were no goals...... just chunks of someone's life.....

17- AAZ made a huge mistake picking up this movie..... to make..... huge mistake ....he did as much as he could but this is not his cup of tea.

18 - i would put it .... above PRDP and TZH and slightly above veer ..... and much better than bodyguard, dabangg 2, kick, race 3 , jai ho.... and equal to dabangg, and equal to tubelight and ready .... and below sultan and bajrangi bhaijaan.

19 - special mention... death well ..mout ka kuwaann.... stunt scene was one of the worst choreographed action scene of modern era..... it was at bodyguard level.

Wish they release a revised edition

they reduced navi scenes to 1 min at most.... And cut 15 mins of other redundant and or dragged scenes...
Best 4 scenes being.

1 - mehek and old black and white scenario
2 - tunnel > father promise
3 - pre climax
4 - free yourself Bharat climax

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hahaha damn right you are..this movie is exactly that.... the good scenes are so good...that they are friggin insane...and bad sccenes are so bad....you ask why..... it felt like two different directors failed and two different directors passed with distinction directing the same movie....
but for me..... i have loved his movies which flopped..... kyun ki , jaanemann, tum ko na bhool payeinge.... andaz apna apna... tubelight .... veer .... london dreams.... and his part in Main aur mrs. khanna.... tere naam (semi hit)...didn't hate jai ho...lucky no time for love......
and i think its due to all this..... he is very unlucky...whenevver he makes a sensitive and innocent character movies...he fails haha...but he makes these over and over and over hahaha like a stubborn child.... there are 7 failure for one bajrangi bhaijaan.... or sultan.


this still isnt a failure.. im still hopeful of 'BLOCKBUSTER' :D :D


so am i.... i still think it can do 280cr.... because b and c centres are gonna go nuts...... but it will be average movie at high end multiplexes...... this melodrama bajraatiya movies..... b and c centres live for these....
but i would consider this a failure...reason why..... i was hoping for an all time grosser with this.... everything was set..every darn thing...was set in place..... this movie checked all the boxes.


hmmmmmmm lets see.. wait is all we can do

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Here's my review of Bharat ❤️

After 2 disappointments last 2 Eids (Tubelight & Race 3), the megastar is back. The film is not a typical action or masala movie, but rather a human emotional drama. This was the one of the most riskiest films on the paper, but I must say that Ali Abbas Zafar has done a great job here. Kudos to casting director also. Every actor in the film was just perfect Film gets emotional in parts but doesn't go into "melodramatic" zone which is a good thing. Luckily no forced emotions or patriotism, tears you get in your eyes are genuine Partition scenes were handled so well. There are many things you take with you when the film ends, f.ex. you don't need to try to be God, it's ok to be a normal human being and f.ex how important is to move on.

3) Katrina surprised with her acting/face expressions.
4) Sunil Grover gonna win hearts
5) Direction. Ali handled a difficult subject very well.
6) Casting was top notch.
7) Music is amazing.
8) Positive messages

1) Editing could have been a little better
2) Disha Patani should have got a little more time.

My rating; A solid 4/5

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Bajrangi Bhaijaan set up a very tough act to follow, while Bharat is far from being close to that iconic movie, its pretty good in it's own way.

The first half breezes through and is very enjoyable. Bharat, Kumud and Vilayati are very enjoyable characters. The pace however slackens after the interval. Imo the ship scenes and the Turpeya song was a diversion which wasnt needed. Thankfully the movie stays on course for Bharat to find the people and the peace he wants to and emerge victorious at the end. The pre climax and the climax where Bharat meets someone and decides to move on is beautifully done, saw many women had moist eyes at that point. Music is again very good with all songs on point, personally loved Chashni and Zinda

Acting wise Sunil got a good break and Katrina's acting is a fantastic surprise. Her command over the language and her expressions are right on point. Easily her best and the first time she's acted.

Salman Khan is presented so damn well by AAZ and he performs superbly. Watch out for the last bits, the pre climax where he breaks down on TV and the last bit too where he proves he can act really well when he gets a role like this.

The movie needed 30 minutes of editing, gets too tiresome at times.

P.S: It is a conspiracy to bring down the Khans, the movie is very good and needs to seen. If crapfests like Simbaa, Sanju, Judwaa, Gully Boy are being liked, then God save Indian audiences

Rating: 3.5/5.

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Told ya.. agar yeh sab ne tumhara mind na corrupt kiya hota.. you’d have loved the movie like i had :)


Yeah loved it. I wasnt paying attention to the negativity. Dunno how could someone rate it 0.5. :D


Glad you liked it. I don't get why SOME people trying to present the film awful. It's not a masterpiece but still a beautiful film.


Mansoor, it's a conspiracy to create negativity against khans and bring them down. Salman has anyways seen this a lot, where he is bashed for making content less movies. Irony is same people enjoy far worse crap such as Simbaa and Sanju. It's not a masterpiece like BB but quite good. Better than PRDP which had put me to sleep.

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Bharat 2/5
Nothing impactful happened in the film after the partition scenes .
Songs were big drag .
Salman was unconvincing as an old man .
After Bharat grows up , he had chilled out life but he was sulking throughout the film
Father-son theme connected not so well with me , maybe same with most of the audience.
Pirate scene was not good , it was it maine pyar kyun kiya zone .

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I Don't Know Proper Format To Review Films So Will Just Share How I Felt After Watching This As General Audience

It Was Most Awaited Film For Me, I Had Huge Expectations From It And I Just Couldn't Believe That How Some People Are Bashing This Film But Today In Morning When I Watched The Film I Realised Why Some People Are Bashing It.

Character Of Bharat Is Too Idealistic I Mean So Much That Today's Youngsters Will Not Be Able To Relate With Him, His Idealism Is Also Flawed He Is Comfortable Being In Live In Relation, Do Romance With Girls (Earlier Radha) But Has Problem In Marrying That Too When The Girl Kumud Is Always Ready To Support Him And His Family And She Does That Throughout Her Life Still Bharat Not Just Wasted His Life But Her Life As Well How Would Marriage Stop Him From Taking Care Of His Family, His Father Never Told Him Not To Get Married.
Dailogue Of Katrina When She Says Insaan Ho Bhagwaan Banne Ki Koshish Mat Karo And Sunil When He Says Jo Nahi Hai Uske Intezaar Mei Jo Tere Pass Hai Usko Kyun Nazarandaaz Kar Raha Hai (Something Like That) Are Perfect
One Scene Where Bharat Proposes To Marry Kumud Just Bcz He Wants Her To Stay At His Home And Look After His Family Is Ridiculous This Shows That Bharat Is Selfish For His Family Though Kumud Doesn't Agrees To Do So But Still Herself Decides To Look After Bharat Family In His Absence Without Marriage Leaving Her Job Which Makes Me Like Kumud Even More

This Is The Only Reason Due To Which I Don't Like The Film

Though Having Said That I Must Say That Film Is Not Bad As Such And Can Definitely Be Watched Once!

Ratings 2/5

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