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In Terms Of Looks, Acting Talent And Stardom I Find Sridevi Better

In Terms Of Critical Success, Dancing Skills And Box Office Success I Find Madhuri Better

Overall They Are True Blue Legends And Among Top 3 Female Superstars Of All Time

Note- Madhuri Was No. 1 Actress Of 1990s Decade Whereas Sridevi Was No. 1 Actress Of 1980s Decade They Are At Par When We Compare No. Of Years In Top League And Number Of Years As No. 1 Actress Though Sridevi Is Slightly Ahead In Terms Of Popularity And Fan Following

Box Office Wise Madhuri Has Around 15 Hits And 10 Blockbusters (1 Atbb) Whereas Sridevi Has Around 15 Hits And 5 Blockbusters, Madhuri Has Much Bigger Hits But Sridevi Has More Female Centric Hits.

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Sridevi was the bigger actress...period. The kind of farewell she got I don't think that even a lot of actors would get such a response. I found Madhuri to be more beautiful and perhaps in dance she was better but sridevi was the bigger deal.


@Rancho fully agree with you ..

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Sridevi was a bigger star and a better actress but personally I like Madhuri much more. Plus those killer dance moves. Madhuri is still so graceful and charming for her age.

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Sridevi every department .....there is no comparison..

sridevi was always central character of the movie even though there is big male star like sunny, anil, sanjay, jitendra, kamal hassan, rajanikant, govinda....

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Amitabh ..


yes Amitabh srk, salman, nagarjuna, jackey to mithunda.....she did ,ost no. of double roles indicates how much she dominates the screen times

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My choice - Madhuri , she is inferior to sridevi in acting talent but I voted for her because i lack in sense of judgment because when God gave me bucket full of wisdom , I used it to clean a stone and since it has consumed my wisdom so I bow before it .

by Location Manager (5.3k points)
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I will skip to vote this as I can't choose only one.
Hope Sridevi's peak was in the 3 Khans' all time Blockbusters era.

by Producer (114k points)

Hmm, Her Peak Came During Rough Phase Of Bollywood Due To That Her Magnitude Of Success Is Comparatively Low As Per BOI!

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Madhuri Dixit Was A Biggest Star than Sridevi..
Her Records from 1988-1997 (10 Years) with 10 Blockbuster is Huge Achievement Many Actors Got HIT bcoz of Her..
Her Records are Also Bigger than many Actors at that time.
In terms of Acting Yes SRIDEVI is far bigger than Madhuri

by Casting Director (17.6k points)

Bhai Aajke Launde Bachpan Se Alia Ko Raazi Carry Karte Hue Dekheinge Iska Yeh Matlab Thodi Ki Woh All Time No. 1 Ho Jayegi

Hema Carried Superstars Like Dev Anand Rajendra Kumar And Some Other Smaller Stars And Gave Them Huge Hits!


Box Office Wise Mahduri Was No. 1 From 1988-1997 Among All Actors And Actresses In Industry But As Per BOI She Became No. 1 In 1991 And Remained No. 1 Till 1995
Whereas Sridevi Was No. 1 From 1983-1990


Yes HEMA alone has 30+ Hits and 60+ Success. Which None of The Actress has..
Even Many actress struggling to give 15 Hits...
BOI already Confirmed ... Amitabh,, Dharmendra,,Hema Are The Biggest Star Ever.
Ye 3 ke paas waise sabhi RECORD to nahi honge prr BOLLYWOOD Me jitne RECORD hai usme Inn 3 ka Naam TOP 3/ TOP 5 me jrur aayga....


Yes BOI Is Right Amitabh Dharam And Hema Are Biggest Megastars Of All Time!

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madhuri is the biggest female superstar

by Location Manager (6.3k points)

mpkdh me uski acting dekhkar me coma me chala gaya tha , karishma was way more talented


Hmm I Also Like Karishma More But Kareena Kam Nahi Hai Karishma Se As Far As Success At Box Office And Stardom Is Concerned!


lets put it simple i dont like her arrogant face vo apne aapko last decade me shahrukh khan se kam nahi samajhti thi har kisiko undermine karti rehti thi


Yes She Is Arrogant!

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