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Congrats to Salman fans, it seems the movie is on its way to be a major blockbuster.

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Its too early to say anything ..

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One word,
Smash Hit ( Taran Adarsh)

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Yup. That good. His 4 star means movie at least average to good.
And with average salman can cross 200 and if good then 300 cr confirm. Agar komal nahta bhi 4 star diya to 350-400 cr karegi.
Only on these two review I have some faith.


Komal Nahta Reviews Are My Fav, Love The Way He Gives Detailed Reviews In Hindi Unlike Pseudo Intellectual Critics Like Anupama And Masand Who Review Hindi Films In English, Moreover Komal Rarely Goes Wrong In His Box Office Predictions!


@Rancho even Koimoi reviews can be trusted when it comes to commercial films..


Hmm Yes!

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Looks like this time 400 cr bet is comes true.........

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)
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Movie will sail through in that case. 4 star from TA means a good one.

by Mega Star (226k points)

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