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Even at the age of 53, superstar Salman Khan is single-handedly dominating the box office like no one else. Of late, underperformers like Tubelight and Race 3  have made the star think about his choices of roles, but given the movies like Bharat, Dabangg 3, Inshallah and Veteran Remake,  looks like the actor is set to revamp his stronghold. Now, Khan has spilled beans about working with hit machine Rohit Shetty, thus making the fans of both, much excited.

In an interview with DNA, Salman Khan was asked about the ‘most discussed’ rumour about him and director Rohit Shetty collaborating for a movie. He quoted, ‘Why is it a rumour? Rohit and I have talked about working together. There is nothing definite yet. If our talks materialise into something, you’ll hear about it”.

While many stars choose to keep mum about their upcoming projects, Salman seems to be really vocal about the speculations regarding his movies. We just hope that this dream collaboration might take-off really soon.
Source Link: https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/www.koimoi.com/bollywood-news/salman-khan-rohit-shetty-to-finally-collaborate-the-actor-confirms/amp/
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I guess Rohit would want him as a vigilante type person if added in the Singham universe or whatever. Police role would be overdone with Dabangg being there too.

I would like a standalone movie though. Like chennai express.


Whatever! I would like to see Rohit directing Megastar.

BTW, Filmfare is also hinting Megastar and Rohit's collaboration https://m.filmfare.com/news/bollywood/salman-khan-and-rohit-shetty-to-work-together-soon-34100.amp?__twitter_impression=true

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It depends on what Rohit Shetty is planning on doing after Sooryavanshi although he will be doing the crossover with Ajay Devgn & Akshay Kumar in the future but not anytime soon. If Salman Khan is smart enough then he can approach Rohit Shetty to direct the Veteran remake because he knows the perfect blend of making an Action movie. He's more capable of presenting actors in massy action which he has done with Ajay Devgn the past and he can do the same with Salman Khan.

Like him or not, Rohit knows his audiences and how to meet their demands to make a good commercial entertainer. This combo will bring masses in theaters and Salman can give Rohit Shetty his biggest grosser because he the star power to make it happen if it's an action film.

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Rohit Shetty Will Have Another All Time Grosser, Last Time He Gave With Srk Now With Salman

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There is nothing definite yet. If our talks materialise into something, you’ll hear about it

nothing definite

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Yup...koimoi ka headline me kuch aur and andar kuch aur(rofl)

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Nothing confirmed as the article suggests

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If its happens -

  1. Bharat
  2. Dabangg 3
  3. Inshallah
  4. Kick 2
  5. Tiger 3
  6. Veteran Remake
  7. Navy Officer Biopic
  8. Rohit Shetty Next
  9. Sooraj Barjatya Next

Not in order and many are rumours. But line is so big........

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Sher Khan As Well

Means Till Mid Of 2020 Decade Salman Will Dominate

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If this happens, then there are chances that Rohit will get another All time Grosser with a Khan. Waiting!!!!!

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Hope it happens with Veteran remake

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