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My pick would be Mithoon! Ultimate discography.

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Nadeem-Shravan Are Best Music Director Of Modern Era!

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Mereko to Mithoon All time great lagta hai!


He Is Good Music Composer But Nadeem Sharavan Are Legends Who Dominated The Industry From 1990s To Mid 2000s

From 1990-2005 They Had Atleast 1 Album In Top 3 Best Sellers Except 3 Years, Which Includes No. 1 For 7 Years (Top 3 Of 1991 Belonged To Them)

They Also Have Highest Selling Album Of Decade (1990s) As Well As All Time- Aashiqi


Mithoon ke best hits 2005-2015 period ke hi hai. And still he's giving ultimate hits. Nadeem Shravan ruled before 2004.But who's best among the choices I have given?


Not Before 2004 Bro, Till 2005

Actually In Modern Era They Are My Favorite

Among The Music Composers You Mentioned, Mithoon And Pritam Are My Favorite!

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