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First thing first no spoilers first tell me how you feel about the last season also now that the series has ended what is your final rating for the whole series

I didn't like the final season but damn the last episode that made me damn emotional

My ratings- S8 3/10

Game Of Thrones(S1-8)10/10
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After Final episode i don't even want to rate.Such a mess;
Its like a spoof of GOT.
They should learn from big bang theory that how to give farewell to the favourite characters..
3 Season finale this week
TBBT 10/10
YS 9/10
GOT 1/10

by Director (131k points)

How Nighkinh character buildup in season 1-7 and what a weird and unconvincing end with any clarifications.
Same of Dany and John Snow- Great Build up and lead to This!Wtf
Season 8 will be remembered for Arya but apart from that nothing noteworthy..
Bran;Seriously; Bran!!!!
They should name final season as Game of Starks...

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The series was definitely in it's peak for the first 4 seasons. 5 and 6 were good. 7 and 8 were rushed but it was season 8 where the story really started to fall apart.

Overall, I would say that the plot twists in season 8 would have been more convincing if the last 2 seasons had 10 episodes each and we had more time for development.

Especially the way they have handled Dany's story in the last 2 episodes was totally unjustified. It felt like what she did in episode 5 should have had an entire episode to show exactly what made her go crazy. And all that talk about "liberating" people just pissed me off more.

Ultimately, it was a satisfactory end for Jon, Sansa, Arya and Bran, so basically all the Starks got good endings. Tyrion also had a fitting end. Plus, it was good to see all those forgotten characters in the end (Edmure, Robyn).

I am too overwhelmed by the amount of criticism this season has received, so won't criticise anymore. It is what it is and getting angry will not make it better. Having learnt this lesson from the finale of How I Met Your Mother (by far the worst finale ever), I think it's better to move on.

If I do rewatch the series later, it will only be first 4 seasons.

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You said no spoilers but I have to let it out.
So don't read ahead people!

Enough has been said about the writing but I would again add my 2 cents.

So Dany goes mad king. Just like that? What about previous seasons? What about an entire episode Mhysa which basically meant she was the mother.

Night King? Boy was he badass but the way he went out! I mean they didn't even bother mentioning him after he was killed by Arya! Arya?? Are you kidding me? Even though it would have been cliched but Jon Snow was and always had been the one man destined to kill Night King.

Bran? The cripple? He gets to be the King? you have got to be kidding me. He was the saint of the show who wanted nothing and he should've gotten nothing.

And Jon. I feel bad for that character. The way his story ends is painful. After coming back from death, looking out for people, helping people, helping everyone defeat the NIght King he gets that?

I did not buy anything about the shit season 8.

Season 8 rating : 0/10
Show rating : 8/10

So Breaking Bad remains the greatest tv show ever.

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

Breaking bad yeah now that GOT has ended will finish breaking bad i have watched S1 already lets see and all the points you made above ditto i feel the same bro


yeah you won't be disappointed by Breaking Bad. Take my word for it. It just keeps getting better

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bb > pb ...... got

by Location Manager (6.3k points)

Not comparing here i am asking what you felt about season 8 your rating to s8 and whole series


for me got declined since s5 , this season no need to comment

overall - 8/10
this season - 3/10


Hmm i am yet to watch bb watched the first season liked it lets see how the rest 4 seasons are


the good thing is it doesnt go down in quality

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