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Ye baat. So an aditya pancholi has the guts to do it. HR, wake up man. I'm sure you can do the same too. All of Bollywood needs to stand up and destroy this woman.

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If a dog barks at you , bites you !! Will you do the same to ??
BTW, I am glad Pancholi is exposing the psycho.
Hrithik won't do such, it is not his nature.
She's scoring self goals and exposing herself nowadays...more and more people are realizing her deceit.


Bcz Sunny paazi is the biggest product of Nepotism.


Tom cruise I wouldn't have even replied back since you never have the guts to argue.

Nepotism? Do people even know what the term means? If nepotism was so important, a Kumar gaurav or junior B or dozens of star kids would be megastars today and SRK and akshay wouldn't be the icons they are.

A Salman or Aamir or HR or alia got the chance but they made use of it. Salman rules today not because of his dad but because of his hard work and fans. Cant help if Kangana is a talentless person.


@intense, Why to destroy her? You shouldn't get tension on this. Let God make the decisions. @anand, you looking sensible. Keep it up.

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Why isn't she still behind bars ??
Why no media trial ??
Why no ruckus about her time and again vindictive agenda ??
Just because she is a woman !!

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WOAH.. Aditya Pancholi is Tha Man!

That bitchh of a woman needs to be banished from Bollywood.

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