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Check out the new still of Megastar Salman Khan from BHARAT.

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All set for a character of Salman to remain with you always

by Producer (113k points)
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by Assistant Director (49.1k points)
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This movie is a 400cr material seriously

by Unit Manager (37.1k points)
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Big big expectations hope to get a 3cr ffs movie

by Executive Producer (66.2k points)
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Good luck for Bharat..

Hope a decent movie...

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)
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Looking very INTENSE .....

by Producer (118k points)
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all that for a drop of blood?

by Editor (81.9k points)

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Lazy stuff from bollywood.... they dnt even know to do proper old prosthetics make-up.. if not makeup atleast do it from vfx.... first poster had oldie look but again its just still image where even kid can do photoshop oldie look.. here in movie u have to do prosthetics or vfx.. salman has problem with prosthetics due to his nerve injury so ali told wil go for vfx for old look.. but where is vfx in old look beh en tako......shit shit such a potential concept ruined by lazyness.. kahan varnam ayiram socha tha kaha ye crap.. i think aamir should have done this movie he would have done proper justice to each age character role with excellence..

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)