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Which actor first to cross 3cr footfalls in next decade [poll]

+2 votes
Ranveer singh (4 votes, 22%)
Ranbeer kapoor (8 votes, 44%)
Tiger shroff (0 votes)
Varun dhawan (0 votes)
None (6 votes, 33%)
in BOI Update by Executive Producer (63.7k points)

5 Answers

+4 votes

Its Going To Be A Toss Up Between Ranbir And Ranveer

Neither Varun Nor Tiger Seem To Have That Of Kind Of Box Office Pull At Present

Having Said That It Wont Even Be Easy For Them To Do So Bcz 3 Cr Footfalls For Them Would Mean 400 Cr Plus Total.
Lets See Whether 1983 World Cup Biopic Or Brahmastra Can Achieve It But Honestly It Looks Tough If A Raju Hirani Film Cant Get You 3 Cr Footfalls Then Its Very Tough For You To Get There

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)
Number of movies in 3 crore footfalls for actors debuting on or after 1988
+3 votes

Since 1992, Bollywood has produced only Hrithik Roshan with 3 crore footfalls movie.
It's not a cakewalk except for Salman and Aamir.
Even the great Shahrukh Khan has only 3 with KKKG as the last movie.
In short, none of the actors in the option seems to have stardom to achieve the feat.
Maybe we have to wait for Aryan Khan

by Producer (113k points)
+3 votes

none other than incredible ranbir

by Location Manager (6.3k points)

Replace incredible with the following words, you're allowed to choose multiples ones;


Any of these will do.


well you can choose this ibnstead


> astonishing ,astounding,  breathtaking, staggering, phenomenal, 
> extraordinary magnificent,  wonderful,  marvellous,  spectacular, 
> remarkable ,phenomenal,  prodigious,  miraculous , sublime


+3 votes

The one who acting in rajkumar hirani's next.

by Location Manager (5.6k points)

What about Mbmbbs,Lrmb, Sanju.
Aamir and Hirani combo, for sure but not easy with others Hirani is going to work with

+2 votes

None. Yeah if you're asking which directors will help these incompetent guys to get there, there are answers. HR was the last to do it on his own outside the non Khan category. In present era, Salman and aamir are the only ones who can guarantee 3cr footfalls with the right movie.

by Mega Star (225k points)

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