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Tabhi sochu BOI Tiger Shroff ko 2nd biggest crowd puller kyu kehta hai(rofl)(rofl)

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Gajab Ka Joker Hai Yeh Girish Johar
Isi Tiger Shroff Ki Baaghi 2 Se Pehle Ki 2 Film Aur Baaghi 2 Ke Baad Waley Film Ki Kya Buri Haalat Hui Koi Bataye Isko

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soty2 is decent

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Ignore Him. These Type Of People Declare Every Star Is A Megastar After Just One Hit Movie Like - Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Tiger Shroff, Varun Dhawan Etc.

Sach To Ye Hai Ki Ye Sabhi Star Bas Star Category Ke Layak Hai. Isse Jayada Kuch Nahi. Superstar aur Megastar Ke Layak Nahi Hai.

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And aamir Khan and salman Khan are flopstars... Now tell me which one is better..

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Ya megastar for those who has half men half women type look..

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Maybe as he is able to get praises from the men? who matters even before being a star

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Girish Johar is a joke. Tiger has been completely exposed this time. He is Discount HR.

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BREAKING NEWS..................

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There is a perfect Kapil Sharma tweet too describe this statement but the rules, the regulations AKA anushasan, pratishta & my general compassionate & humble nature is coming between me paying it here.
But i guess those who know must've understood the reference by now.

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