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pathaan have somme great single days box office collection, what is the best according to you

there is the 42nd day 1cr+ collection ( 6th week tuesday )

there is some big saturday/sunday in week 2-3-4

there is the 25cr first monday , all time highest non holiday first monday

there is of course the first sunday , 5th day at 58cr, record by huge margin for a 5th day

the 2nd day , nearly 70cr , 68cr , all time record single day by big margin, and record 2nd day also

and there is also the record opening 55.75cr

for me the best is the opening day, bcz non holiday and midweek release and smashed the record of holidays opening was fantastic

also this give the huge momentum to the film
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The Extended 1st week-end plus 1st monday are equally impressive beacuse Pathaan just kept shattering records be it in india or overseas. 

From the advanced booking reports to the 1st monday (where BOI declared it ATBB), it was fantastic !
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5th day in my opinion. 
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Obviously It will be Opening Day bcz Each & every Trade Pundits & even to Filmi Buffs expected it to collect in the range of ₹45 cr.

But we all know how Pathaan created All Time Record with some show cancellation due to Boycott Trend & Controversies

Pathaan brought smile in  Film fraternities face and whole Bollywood.
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