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Manmohan Desai has 14 Hits and David Dhawan 17 Hits. Rohit Shetty has 9 Hits and can get close to Mega Directors.
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Rohit Shetty has been doing very well in terms of Box Office. He's got four Blockbusters and will get his fifth one with Sooryavanshi. However, he has yet to give an ATBB which is something that David Dhawan & Manmohan Desai, in fact, both of them have at least one e.g. Coolie & Aankhen, respectively.

At the moment, he has 9 successful movies hence why he will go as far ahead as he can with many more to come in the future. The only thing he hasn't accomplished as I mentioned above is an ATBB.

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Manhohan Desai Has 2 Atbb And Close To 10 Blockbusters (Most Of The Blockbusters Are Mega Blockbusters)
Rohit Shetty Can Go Ahead Of David Dhawan But Not Manmohan Desai, Except For Raj Kapoor No Other Director Can Be Compared With Manmohan Desai!

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Hmm And Raju Hirani Is Following Raj Kapoor

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david n rohit never got praise they desrerved


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