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Hits of Rajesh Khanaa 1969 to 1974 which was considered His Golden Period. [closed]

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Aradhana Blockbuster

Ittefaq Hit

Doli Hit

Bandhan Hit

Do Raaste Blockbuster

Aan Milo Sajna Blockbuster

Safar Hit

Sachha Jhutha Blockbuster

Kati Patang Super Hit

Anand Hit

Maryada Hit

Dushman Blockbuster

Haathi Mere Saathi Blockbuster

Apna Desh Hit

Raja Rani Hit

Daag A Poem of Love Blockbuster

Namak Haraam Hit

Prem Kahani  Super Hit

Roti Hit

Aap ki Kasam Super Hit

7 Blockbusters

3 Super Hits

10 Hits
closed with the note: We are in 2019 remember? And you have made this post a 1000 times now. Chill.
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Rajesh Khanna is one of the greatest stars Bollywood has seen and doesn't need your manipulation to be bigger

3 Answers

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Mumtaz (1970-1974) - The first female star to have real box office clout. The blockbusters came with superstar Rajesh Khanna but the actors who were not doing well like Sanjeev Kumar (Khilona), Sanjay Khan (Mela) and Feroz Khan (Mela, Apradh) got big hits because of her popularity. Many newcomers got paired with Mumtaz as distributors picked up films on her name and one of these newcomers was even future superstar Amitabh Bachchan in Bandhe Haath. Due to the super hit heroine this film fetched a higher price than Zanjeer, the film which made Amitabh Bachchan a star. Rajesh Khanna lost super stardom in late 72 to early 73 but the films with Mumtaz still worked like Roti, Aap Ki Kasam and Prem Kahani in 74-75.

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first megastar of hindi cinema............

by Casting Director (18.7k points)
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There is No Need of BIG RECORDS for this Man...
He will always Remember as...
And No one can Match His Stardom He saw between 1969-71...

by Casting Director (17.6k points)

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