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Wanted some new team to lift the trophy but alas ! ...

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I lost interest once KKR was down; they had a bad leadership. They still had a chance for qualifiers, and they proved wrong. On all bets I placed, I won and for KKR. Not happy about that.

CSK will win, and the bet is you love me more. You lean towards SRK if you are not. I lean towards your favorite coz I don't respect any actors in the whole world as much as SRK.


by Camera Operator (12.0k points)

Kkr is a shit side. They turn their backs on Gambhir, the guy who won them trophies.

I was the happiest when MI thrashed and threw them out of the play offs.

And yeah I hate them because of SRK.


Shit side, lol, 2 time champs are shit side. Don't know why some people don't use the gift of brain.

And they didn't turned their backs on Gambhir, Gambhir wanted to go to his home team Delhi, that's why they released him. It would be nice if you could learn a thing or two before blabbering nonsense.


Have to agree to Thunder BIRD. People don't even know the full story and still they blabber nonsense. Like seinfeld did.

2 Times champions are shit side. Huh?


They're a good side. Not as good as some of the others. Batting was brittle this season.

Funny to see tb minding so much as if SRK is personally playing for them. :D

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Still an interesting final mate. Two of the greatest captains of all time. What a fairytale it can be. Dhoni winning an ipl and world cup for the last time as captain within 2 months.

by Mega Star (226k points)
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yeh csk waalo ne quota system laga rakha hai final par

by Location Manager (6.3k points)

Stop it right there. Dont you know what dhoni's value is? :

1) Captains the team
2) guides spinners, guides quicks, has taught kohli and rohit how to bat.
3) Inspires confidence with his smile in the field
4) Prepares post match presentations for every player on how to interact with the media.
5) Organises hookah classes for the youngsters
6) guides the coach on how to coach
7) in a stroke of genius, he makes kohli the captain when we lose and tells him how to react when people say you're a bad captain.

See ? This is his value. Not a word on him. Over and out.


haan bas batting nahi karta baaki saara kaam karta hain vo


Nah. See thing with msd is that even if he makes 20 runs, those are reliable and dependable unlike these new kids like pant.


o bhai bas ab rehne de ( both to you and ur Dhoni ) :@

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I wanted DC to lift the cup this uear that would have been great for IPL as it would have opened up the tournament but now either MI or CSK will become 4 time champions so i am with CSK bcoz of dhoni

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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I'm a CSK fan but wanted DC to win the trophy this year because they deserved it. No problem. Now CSK's gonna win the trophy for the 4th Damn time!!!! MI se woh last 3 matches ka Badlaa lenge CSK!! Wait and Watch!!!!!!

by Super-star (189k points)
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Nope. MI will sail through easily.


Lol himmat toh dekho..3 times harchuka hai..this will be 4 th time this season


Yeah. Dont see CSK clinching it. It will be ambani masss on Sunday.

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Don't waste your precious time....
To These fix matches....

Where result decides from backdoor

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)
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Hope Dhoni wins the cup

by Producer (114k points)

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