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King SRK was #1 for almost 14 Years!

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Very impressed by Karisma's performance.

Nice to SRK hitting 1000cr first. Of course we don't need this video to show his domination.

Akki did great too.

Kudos to Salman for getting to #1.

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Well, this is a good collection but neglects many factors like what before 1994? What about inflation adjusted? What about global scenario?

Everyone knows that SRK and Salman(depends upon all collections added, it could be a marginal lead) led 90s, SRK led 2000s with Akki coming for 1 or 2 years, Sallu singly leading at 2010s; and Aamir having big grossers but no volume of work.

Consistency-wise, it's SRK during 90s till 2000s, then it's Salman or Akki second.

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