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1. The Least of These: The Graham Stains Story (2019): 7/10 This film had released in Allahabad in its second week and it run houseful almost entire week. Mostly Christian community was turning up to the theatre to watch this film as the story is based on the real-life incident of a missionary Graham Stains in India, which revolves around the suppression of Christian minorities and the murder of Graham by Right Wing Hindu extremist. The film was good, liked it. But, the theater experience was something extraordinary for me. In the climax, which was quite emotional, a Christian guy in his 40's was crying and sobbing like a kid, loudly enough to be heard by everyone sitting around him, he was with his entire family and his son was sitting in his lap. Though awkward I was watching him and the way his son had been looking at his crying father is the most powerful moment in the history of me watching the film in the theater. My faith in films got stronger and I can preserve that sweet moment entire my life.

2. Shazam (2019): 5/10 I'm telling you this film is out and out for kids. Its trailer looked promising but the film is boring except for some nice action sequence and a few funny punchlines. Stay away.

3. Hum Tum (2004): 6/10 Melodrama worked, otherwise the film keeps repeating the same event again and again, all the time and sometimes becomes so irritating.

4. Socha Na Tha (2005): 4/10 Can't even imagine this shit is directed by Imtiaz Ali. So childish and immature. Also, Shirish Kundre isn't only a bad director but a pathetic editor as well. This film has so many bad cuts and some serious continuity issues.

5. Sparsh (1980): 8/10 I am seriously in love with parallel films made during the 80s. Simple, meditative, inspiring with a powerful message. They teach you the art of living, Sparsh is one of that cult classic. Plus, it has Nasiruddin Sah and Shabana Azmi, what do we need more. Recommended.

6. Before Midnight (2013): 8/10 Again, a lovely film. It's entirely different from its previous prequels as it digs into post-marriage life and its issues and that has some interesting plot twist which is just cute.

7. Free Solo (2018) (Documentary): 8/10 Inspiring. Adventures. Thrilling.

8. Pulp Fiction (1994): 9/10 Okay. This is some serious shit. From story structure to screenplay design to dialogue writing, it stands out in every department. It's a hail of entertainment. Hail Tarantino!

9. Sand Monster (2015): 4/10 It was a deliberate bad pick up. I just wanted to watch the b-grade film, some Diva in bikini playing around the beach and then things turn into a mesh. Had a good time. :p

10. The Lion King (1994): 8/10 Good stuff. Kind of story I had grown listening and reading in my childhood.

11. Venom (2018): 3/10 This is some pathetic and boring stuff. Waste of time.

12. Dr. Strange (2016): 8/10 I had missed this film before watching Infinity War and I see how it makes a lot of difference. This film has got some awesome ideation and is packed with strong direction and engaging fight sequences. One of the best of MCU.

13. Captain America: Civil War (2016): 8/10 This again is a good one. In fact, much better than Infinity War.

14. Avenger: Endgame (2018): 8/10 Beautifully concluded, entertaining and emotional.

15. The Final Solution (Documentary) (2004): 7/10 This documentary is evidence of BJP running blueprint of its Gujrat model in Center that is divide people on a communal basis. Modi is repeating the same thing in the center which he proudly did in Gujarat and also succeeded. The only problem with this documentary is it's long and unnecessary dragged in some part. It still makes its points and it should be watched by everyone for the maker's efforts to document the reality.

16. Delhi Crime (2019): 9/10 Honestly, I didn't want to watch it. Not because I thought it would be bad but I just didn't want myself to go through this sorry state again. What happened in 2012 in Delhi is still dreadful, emotionally and mentally devastating. And, watching it again, even in non-fiction form would have made it deeply sad. But, this Web-series has gone broader showing its politics and police procedure to take the situation under control with great bravery and intelligence. The kind of details film has covered is one of its kind of we've seen in any Indian film/TV shows. It's insightful, an eye-opener and shocking at the same time. Deserves everyone's time.

17. Wild Wild Country (Documentary Series): 9/10 I've been listening and reading Osho since an early age and the kind of impression I had and still have on me of his teachings liberates me. Osho has been always ahead of time and very rational to me. While this documentary is less about him and more about what happened in Oregon, America during 1980-1985, I saw a completely unknown chapter of his life which was deeply heartfelt and surprising. I won't say that this documentary has justified the Osho as it has focused more on controversy than what Osho really was. But, whatever the makers have tried to show, they've done a tremendously well job and I have huge respect for that. It's an iconic documentary in term of narrative style, visual design and editing and as I have a keen interest in the documentary film it has inspired me a lot.

18. Black Mirror- Season 1 (2011): 9/10 Set in a dystopian world where technology overrules humanity, this web series is some quality stuff. Highly rich concept and unexceptional execution, it makes you believe that that hypothetical world is not much far from today. We are at the edge of the world, this web series has tried to take us into.

19. Black Mirror- Season 2 (2014): 9/10 Again great. In love with this show. Addictive. Will be completing rest of 2 seasons in next week.

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That's going to be some list huh.. from 1st April to 5th May...

In theaters,

  1. Shazam! [2019] = 6/10 [Well.. kids movie that's it.]
  2. Pet Sematary [2019] = 3/10 [Phusss]
  3. Majili [2019 - Telugu] = 5/10 [So flawed. Lenient 5 for the attempt otherwise don't get why this became a blockbuster.]
  4. The Curse of the Weeping Woman [2019] = 4/10 [Meh.]
  5. Avengers: Endgame IMAX 3D [2019] = 7/10 [A lenient 8 on Imdb instead of 7 because they pulled this off. Solely for that effort.]
  6. Premier Padmini [2019 - Kannada] = 8/10 [Joins the best films of 2019 list. Mighty impressed & a really good heart touching movie.]

At home,

  1. Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India [2018 - Telugu] = 6/10 [Re-watched with parents. I still have the same opinion. Didn't deserve to flop at the box office.]
  2. Thadam [2019 - Tamil] = 6/10 [Good watch. Rating would've been more if they hadn't put the characters names on screen whenever they appeared. I mean the main lead is in double role & it's a murder mystery.]
  3. Yajamana [2019 - Kannada] = 3/10 [Pathetically boring.]
  4. Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota [2019 - Hindi] = NR [Re-watched with parents.]
  5. Bajrangi Bhaijaan [2015 - Hindi] = NR [Re-Watch]
  6. 90ml [2019 - Tamil] = 4/10 [Meh.]
  7. Triple Threat [2019] = 4/10 [Boring.]
  8. Dogtooth [2009 - Greek] = NR [Re-Watch]
  9. Capernaum [2018 - Lebanese] = 8/10 [Loved it.]
  10. The Dark [2018] = 6/10 [A bit slow even for it's runtime but still did work.]
  11. Silent Rage [1982] = 4/10 [Does not stand the test of time. And not much into Chuck Norris films.]

First Time Watches = Shazam!, Pet Sematary, Majili, The Curse of the Weeping Woman, Avengers: Endgame, Premier Padmini, Thadam, Yajamana, 90ml, Triple Threat, Capernaum, The Dark & Silent Rage.

Movie(s) of the Month =

  1. Premier Padmini
  2. Capernaum
  3. Avengers: Endgame
  4. Thadam

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1- cinema paradiso 10/10 one of the best movies i have seen
2- the best of youth 8/10 a great movie depicting about the lives of the characters from the 60s to 00s but a bit too long

by Casting Director (16.6k points)
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Kesari 6/10 (THEATRE)
Delhi Crime 7/10
Simbaa 4/10 (WTF Rohit shetty)
Uri The Surgical Strike 8/10
Criminal Justice 5/10
V for Vendetta 7/10
Breaking Bad S1 7/10
Manikarnika 3/10 (National award lol)
Glass 6/10
Rangitaranga 3/10 (way overrated)
Triple Frontier 4/10
Mamma Mia 1/10
Dharma Durai 5/10
The Perfect Date 5/10
OHH and yeah the biggest movie of the decade
Watched avengers endgame twice in 3d

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end game : 6.5/10

veteran : 4/10

2point0 : 3/10

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Avengers End game (2019): A stunning end to what has been a fantastic 11 years from Marvel. The last half an hour or so takes the movie on a whole new level. I wont rate the movie. Goes beyond that.

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