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Blank And Setters First Day - Holdovers Kalank And Tashkent Files

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Blank recorded poor collections on its first day as it grossed around 40-45 lakhs nett. The film did por business all over but was far better than the other new release Setters which was around the 10-15 lakh nett mark. Both the films have no chance as the first day business is too low and reports do not suggest manifold growth.



Kalank saw another big drop in business with collections of 15-20 lakh nett and is looking to add another 1-1.50 crore nett for a finish of only 80 crore nett which will mean around 25% of its business came on day one. The business of Kalank till date is as follows.



Week One - 72,18,00,000 (8 Days)



Week Two - 6,50,00,000 apprx



Friday - 15,00,000 apprx




TOTAL - 78,83,00,000 apprx



The Tashkent Files is steady and is an AVERAGE fair. the collections of this film on the fourth Friday were pretty similar to the first day. It picked up around 30-35 lakhs nett on its fourth Friday. The film is looking to comfortably cross the 15 crore nett mark and may even get close to 20 crore nett depending on how the next few weeks unfold. The business of this film is till date is as follows.



Week One - 3,49,00,000



Week Two - 4,17,00,000



Week Three - 3,75,00,000 apprx



Friday - 35,00,000 apprx




TOTAL - 11,76,00,000 apprx

Megastar Sunny paaji ki jai ho
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Earth shattering- Blank

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The tashkent files has actually done pretty well
And sunny pajji megastardom at its best

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