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When did he say that about canada shut up guy


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**Akshay lied about his citizenship in 2017.
he had claimed that he has an "honorary citizenship" of Canada not regular citizenship.


Jab Jooth pakda, tab jake confess kia hain..

Now confirmed he had a regular citizenship of canada since 2012.

He is a Biggest hypocrite in bollywood.**

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Nationalist Akshay Kumar : " Toronto is my home "

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Kitni baar batau its an honorary citizenship!

He's as much of an Indian as Katrina is!

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Akshay lied about his citizenship in 2017.
he had claimed that he has an "honorary citizenship" of Canada not regular citizenship.

Now confirmed he is a regular citizenship of canada since 2012.

He is a Biggest hypocrite in bollywood.

2nd - India don't accept dual citizenship & don't give any honorary citizenship to any foreigner.


Read this, akshay applied in 2012.

some over 200,000 Canadians who were denied citizenship due to outdated laws.
some people are waiting years to receive the same citizenship papers that others – such as Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar – was granted within weeks. - Vancouver observer (2 September 2012)


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Akshay's fans look at him as a custodian of patriotism. He himself behaves as if he's the epitome of deshbhakti. And to add insult to injury he doesnt even care about this country. I would love it if that political party can dissociate themselves from him. This is pretty pathetic. Being a citizen of another country and using India just to make his movies work.

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So what? He has milked billions from 11 nationalistic movies and is seen as a patriot by many Indians

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Cause he's Captain Canada.

Captain America was worthy of lifting the Mjolnir but you know what, Mjolnir is worthy of being lifted by Captain Canada.

That's the difference, that's the power, feel the power and respect him.

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I think you should ask the same thing to Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadela too. They gave up indian citizenship too. Alia bhatt is a british citizen. Will you question her. Aamir's nephew Imran is not indian. He is US citizen. Deepika is danish citizen. Question them too. There's a long list of acyors who doesn't hold Indian passport.

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@Tiger even after being Canadian Citizen He donated 1 crore for your forces. What have you done even after being an indian citizen. What have those people done who are questioning him. He supports BJP. What's wrong in that. If supporting a party is wrong than declare your country as dictatorship. In a democracy everybody has right to express themself.


@Tiger Mr. Akshay Kumar organised a total of 12.93 crore by Bharat ka Veer Program. He donated 90 lakh to drought hit farmers of Maharashtra. So a canadian citizen doing all this for your country and you are just criticizing him.


Problem lies in his intentions it all started after 2015,when certain party was all out to teach nationalism and khans were targeted.
He got sucess with Airlift and then comes a plethora of patriotic movies advertisement, show up.
He's doing good work no doubt but for his personal intrest, it's not a crime that he should be trolled.
But there's no need to idolize his deeds but khans are also doing so much but they are not bragging about it, it's sad that akki fell in the trap but it's all due to his show up of hyper nationalism and there all liberal got a chance to troll.
Outside Social media no one care about it and Akshay is as much loved as before


I have no problem at all which political party he supports. Even most of the other people don't. Ajay Devgn supports that political party more openly, Salman also shares very good bonding with top leaders (like Namo & Gadkari) of that political party. Hardly anyone have issue with Ajay and Salman.

Till yesterday he was projecting himself as the biggest patriot of India. Whenever asked he lied about his Canadian nationality. Sach batau toh mujhe isse bhi koi prblm nhi hai. But his fans always question Khans patriotism, ask them to go to Pakistan just bcz of their Khan surname. Salman isn't even a complete Muslim, he follows all religions (we all know). Without any reason if Salman can be trolled, can be asked to go to Pakistan then WTH we shouldn't troll Canadian Deshbhakt sir on the basis of facts???

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You take care about yourself guy

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Same to you and don't care for Aamir and Salman.

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