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My opinion: it seems like a decent enough combination of Special 26 and Baby. Arjun isn't doing anything great in the trailer, but this can be a comeback hit for him.

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Hope it does well for him but I don't think so but lets see. And well he should reduce little more fat from his cheeks as he was very good looking during 2 States and Gunday days.

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seems decent ...............

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It is now common in Indian movies..When u make patriotic movies element of Pakistan le ao movie main.. Ye cheeze aik do baar hi realistic lagti Hain...

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It's a good trailer but I don't know if it will be on the same level as Raid or No One Killed Jessica which are one of Raj Kumar Gupta's best work as a director. I guess I will have to watch and see when it comes.

No doubt, it's gripping and captivates your attention but Arjun Kapoor looks bored in this trailer. He's miscast and only got this role because of Ajay Devgn's recommendation. Frankly speaking, I would have preferred someone like Akshaye Khanna would have been a better choice.

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why wud ajay recommend him ?


That's news to me. Ajay recommended him? But why ? Why would ajay let mediocre beings be given a chance ?


Ajay Devgn is doing a Football biopic based on Syed Abdul Rahim's life which will be produced by Boney Kapoor. So I guess Ajay gave Boney something in return to help Arjun get out of his bad phase. After all, his last hit was 2 States.


Hmmm, too bad this wont help either. Arjun was kinda tolerable till 2 states, post that he has gone from bad to worse.

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Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap.

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Not that interesting. Okayish

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I like it. Seems like a good film.

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Trailer is good, Raj is a very good director but problem lies within Arjun.

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