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Completely Awe with Recent episode..

Best Episode Till date..Waiting For last 3 Episodes and Final Battle..
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It was an disappointing episode.

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It never reached that level of tension or intensity. It just felt like things were happening....and then it ended.

The battle never felt like it had urgency, and the action wasn't very exciting.

And then the biggest villain was killed in a joke. Ramsay turned out to be much better and dangerous than him. Why this villain has been so hyped, what was he trying to do, we still don't know.

The first episode of the series was called "Winter is Coming". Well winter came and went and it wasn't exciting.

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Ramsay was terrific how a villain should be
Night king had the potential to be one of the greatest villains of all time and writers just made him a joke
So much hype for 7 seasons for this he didn't even put up a fight he just gets killed like that


At the end of Battle of Bastards, Ramsay is shooting arrows at Jon, and Jon is blocking then with a shield while getting closer to him. The tension in that scene is enormous. You feel like Jon is going to make a big mistake, or that Ramsay will win somehow. You want Ramsay to pay for what he did to Sansa, Theon and Rickon. Then Jon actually gets to him and beats him to a pulp. 100% satisfaction. None of that was in this episode.


The strange thing is that the majority has liked it and when you ask them they say its fan service what kind of fan service is this which is making die hard fans like us not happy
Fan service should be like ebdgame that was epic
And yes every moment in bob was edge of the seat thriller
I mean when ramsay lets go of rickon you are like will john save him or ramsay kill him and when ramsay kills him and john goes alone to kill him goosebumps
Battle of winterfell never reached that level of tension or thrill

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I will not rate it best. But one of best. Again Question raise who will sit iron throne?
New candidate is Arya Stark.

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Yes;The New equation has come now..According to recent happening Arya is Azor Ahai but she is least intrested in throne/politics since beginning.
So who will sit on iron throne!Dany has less chances imo.Now it's between John snow or Arya..There is chances that all will die.Little mystery with little Sam but that will be quite unusual..
Waise which is your favourite episode in Got.
Before this for me S06E09 and S03E09


Battle of bsatards.
John snow has best chance for iron throne till now.

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It was underwhelming for me
Disappointed the show died after S6

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Considering the hype and the importance of the episode ,it was below par !!!

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Hope to binge watch GOT soon in near future ...

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