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This will be worse for Bhrahmstra. There's no way that it will get any screens on 27th unless D3 is totally crap. Adding insult to injury, his new sherbet is acting with Salman in his next. :D

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Why is this not suprising (giggle)

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Koi ek festival book karta hai phir kuch dino baad Bhai ek film usi date pe announce karta hai aur samnewala bhag jata hai(rofl)(rofl). Ye ab aadat ban chuka hai hamare liye.


Pata nhi ye announce hi kyu krte hai bhai se jaake puch lo aapki film aa rhi hai kya fir announce kro kam se kam bhagode toh nhi banoge lol

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Don't Worry Till The Release Date Brahmastra Movie Again Shifted To Next Year. Just Wait And Watch.

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Yeah, but Good News has arrived, although certainly not the same magnitude as Brahmastra but it does the audacity of Kjo, he's think himself as the elite, the supreme. Time to knock him down.

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Lol.... Is Good News releasing on the same date of D3? How does 'good news has arrived' thing make sense?

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