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I Read In An Article Where A Trade Analyst Points Out How Some People Within The Industry Are Suffering From The Aamir Khan Syndrome (Doing Less Films And Getting Involved In Every Stage Of Filmmaking)

Though Unlike Him Doing Low Volume Of Movies Is Not Beneficial For Them And They Cant Pull Off This Kind Of Working Style Unlike Aamir

Hrithik Has Done Only 2 Films After 2014 And He Is Wasting His Talent Like Aamir Khan, Even Ranbir Kapoor Is Comparatively Doing Less Films, Now There Are Doubts About Him Even Having A Release This Year

Doing Less Volume Of Films Is Extremely Risky In This Industry Where There Is Cut Throat Competition If You Dont Come Regularly People May Tend To Move On, More Importantly Expectations Are Always Sky High Even If Film Is Average It Leads To Huge Negativity And Suddenly You Find That You Dont Have Even A Successful Film For 2 Years.

Just Look At Aamir Khan When He Was Doing 2 Films In 3 Years And Was Giving Classic Industry Hits On A Regular Basis All Was Good Now Suddenly He Gave A Below Average Film And Disaster Talks Have Started And Some People Are Even Writing Him Off On The Basis Of Just 1 Unsuccessful Film After 13 Years, Now He Has To Wait For 2 Years To Make A Comeback!

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Wasting talent like "Aamir Khan" ... Aamir is 360 degree film maker & he has to involve himself with all aspects of film-making ... only film which he did without thinking resulted in TOH ,,,,,

Hrithik is plain simple lazy and lost his drive after divorce & Ranbir Kapoor is done in by the ambitiousness of his directors and his projects .....

it is all cool to talk following AAmir Khan footsteps but none have the vision and nor the temperament to look into various aspects of film making ....

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He is in the mould of Raj Kapoor but not as natural but makes up with his hard work ... * Though people would liken him more to Dilip Kumar but I think otherwise

SRK ka baaja baj Gaya hain trying to look for scripts ... Why do you think Salman Khan holds on to any one sensible director that he works with like Kabir Khan or Ali Abbas so that he doesn't have to think .... Why does his entire family on lookout for projects for him ...he just wanna act


Hmm Bro Aamir Also Said He Will Be Doing Direction Means After 2020 Decade Ends He Will Become A Full Time Director For Remaining 10-15 Years Of His Career Then He May Act Only As Character Artist In Some Of His Films

That Would Put Him In League Of Raj Kapoor And Manoj Kumar Who Were Great Actors And Directors

Aamir Has Filmmaking In His Genes, He Is Great Actor And A Superstar But Even Better Filmaker!


I just wished he had taken up the cudgels for Mahabharata right way instead of doing a Lal Singh Chadha .... but then if he has taken up rights for such a project, he will surprise us all with the brilliance ... there has to something special in the script guess only which he knows


Hmm Im Very Optimistic About That Project Let's See :)

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