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Kalank short review

Saw the movie today (unfortunately). A movie like this should have been made 15 years ago with Ajay and SRK to do the heavy lifting. This movie needed better actors to carry the thin plot. Discount Salman/Govinda hams and hams and shows off his abs, ARK seems like he's come off the sets of aashique 2 with that drunk tone of his. Baba looks as if he regularly had a few vodkas before shooting, so absurd he comes off.

Alia is convincing and carries her badly written part pretty well. Madhuri brings back a few glimpses of her glorious past but shes seen and passed her time. The rest are not worthy of words.

Alia bhatt

Everything else

Rating: 1/5. Congrats Kjo. Thanos will show you your destiny next week.

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OK here's my short review of Kalank.

Watched Kalank tomorrow, just a horrible movie, what was director thinking before making such stuff, it's like going against the need of audience. Audience wants entertainment, not a movie that bore then to no end. Even in the context of situation it was horrible. I mean how do you knock around and not even run when you're audience wanted to see you go about 14 per over, also your co stars. Even had he got just run a ball, it would've been a success, but now, you've got to play tuk ruk when run rate is 14, what a horrible innings, truly a Kalank.

I give it rating 0/5, absolutely senseless, brainless & horrible innings. What were you thinking Uthappa..?? Just shambles.

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Hahahahahaahahahaha. This is a good one. :D

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I Found It A One Time Watch, It Was Below Expectations But Not That Bad, May Be Bcz I Like Such Kind Of Films So...

All Actors Acted Well Specially Kunal Khemu,
I Loved The Character Of Satya And Dev And Enjoyed Watching Baba On Screen

Didn't Have Any Sympathy For Alia's Character Or Even Varun's

Kaira Advani Had Nothing To Do In The Film Except Couple Of Bed Scenes And 1 Item Song

Music Was A Let Down, Except 1st Class And To Some Extent Title Song No Other Song Impressed Me, They Shouldn't Have Wasted Navel Queen Kriti Sanon This Way

They Should Have Included Some Masss Scenes But They Sadly Didnt

I Wanted To See Masss Dev Chaudhary But....

Besides This The Bull Fight Was Terrible

Ratings- 2

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I was about to come to this. The bull fight scene was so laughable I haven't seen worse than this.


Same Here Worst VFX


Navel queen kriti this review is pure gold (rofl)


Hahaha (rofl)

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I watched kalank first day first show. Till interval my head feel so much pain. And till climax i feel some unconsious.

Ok lets start of the review.

  • Screenplay -

This is the biggest drawback of this film. This film story repesented only 1 hrs but director streatched it 3 hrs. Omg. My head feel so much pain. The bull fight seen is looking fake and that particular seen Vfx is poor also. Story of this film looks far away to the reallity. Set and visuals is fantastic. Very senseless climax is the biggest set back. Many seen repeat again and again and again. Story not picking up.

  • Performance -

Sanjay Dutt - Role of Sanjay Dutt Is less Than Katrina Kaif Role in TOH than why Sanjay Dutt use in this film. Alia performance is good. Varun Dhawan not Suited this type of role. Many seen Varun doing overacting Specially that Bull fight scene.

  • Songs -

All the songs of this film is good and visual is great. My personal favourite first class song.

  • Rating -


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Good review. Even I liked first class song and also kalank title track. The bull scene....dont know who thought of it. It was cringeworthy

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Excellent Movie
Media & Critics Movie ko bas dubana chahte hai

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My parents who saw it too have the same view as you.

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