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Some of the scenes of their films can ruin all the best of movie.I am watching Magadheera on Max but I can't understand how the hero creates sparkles of fire with just rubbing his shoes and in another scene hero and villain pursuit the chariot and suddenly they go to Iceland through a desert and guess what is waiting for them there.......there suddenly comes a sand Marsh how cheap director goes for a eye-catching scenes its totally disappointing
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Main bhi magadheera dekh raha hun.. Ashes ka sath sath.. And woh i think salt desert tha.. Jahan sand marsh tha.. And screenplay mein thoda jyada masala hai but woh toh expected hai south indian films hain.. Tab hit hoti hain.. And magadheer is near to supreme taking south indian standards
Ashes ka sath sath? matlab? n yes magadheera is good movie
ashes means eng nd aus test series......!!!
accha mujhe laga kisi insan ka naam hai kya........

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Lolz.. Main aur south movies.. Mere prinicple ke khilaf hai south movies dekhna... Even, if my room mate wanna watch, without earphone watching south movie is strictly prohibited... I hate there's dialogues too..
Sorry, But this is what I'm..
use to Mein bhi pareshan hu........haha
@ankit007 ...
Illogical scenes are always present in movies.
We can point out many scenes in hollywood movies.
If its bollywood then there r hundreds of illogical scenes in bollywood blockbusters.
Of couse telugu/tamil people also having same mind set like u,towards bollywood.
But it is slowly changing now a days.
@lxbhsh, It is my taste more than my likeness... Not only south movie, even I hate or dont watch Bollywood masala movie (this year only watched Chennai Express).. And from Hollywood I've not interested in Super Hero movies and many others, But I do watch coz of there's superb direction, vfx, visual effect.. That doesnt bother me much.. Nevertheless, That is not my primarly choice... My hatness toward south movies is very high coz there majority of movies are same type large than life.. I believe in reality..
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Same here and Suhas claiming it to be very good movie few weeks ago by posting about it! lol

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haha are wo Karnataka se hai use Pasand hai ye sab .........
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There are hundreds of illogical scenes in bollywood recent blockbusters.
May be your having negtive opinion towards telugu-tamil movies.

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Thats the main reason i am leaving south films.

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You like south remakes rowdy rathore scene by scene copied from original version. You like duplibcate not original.
I still not watched rowdy rathore
Okay. what about housefull , housefull2.
I told that i dont like south hardcore action not south films.
Here also there are hardcore action scenes . What about boss?
Boss had good stunts that are performed by akshay himself.Bollywood have hardcore but not too much.
At now i am watching hollywood more.So no comparison with hollywood.
Akshay sweatsla irunthu chedi mulaikarathulam nee nambalam.
I dont want such scenes in akshay film.Maximam akki action films r stunt based.films like k786 action r worst

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