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It adds to the fun and even Facebook, linkedin, twitter, Instagram let's u know who liked or viewed your posts ....
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Well that access is only limited to admins & mods.

We don't want gazillion posts asking 'why did you up vote & why did you down vote". This access is limited for that very purpose because what you call as "fun" was not really "fun".


Well in that case you guys need to learn to trust users with more maturity than you give them credit for


In my opinion, the more the controversy, more the traffic. They can allow users to see who downvoted to add to more interactions in forum may it be healthy or not. The discussions of downvotes won't certainly be healthy but then the more the discussions, more the monetization!

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Would like to know who voted up but not who voted down as in Quora

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good suggestion .... & avoid the controversies which the moderators fear

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