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Blast From The Past- Old Magazine Cover Pic Of Salman And Aamir (Khan Vs Khan): Khan Mania Gripped The Entire Nation In Early 90s

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Salman And Aamir Were Overnight Stars Of 1980s Decade But Here Some Frustrated People Say They Are 2010 Born Stars Even Though They Had More Major Box Office Benchmarks Before 2010 Than Their Favorite Actor Has In Entire Career!

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Not 3 ... 2 of the them ... the 3rd one came, shone brightly and brightest but now fizzled out .... only these 2 remain


Hmm Yes, Hope Salman And Aamir Continue To Remain Top SuperStars Of Industry Atleast Till They Are 60 Years Old!


Hope Andaz Apna Apna had received the same wom in theatre like it received on Video casettes then it would have an ATBB for sure ...


Surely, If Not Atbb A Big Hit For Sure But The Producers Killed The Film Before Release,

1stly It Was A 3 Yr Delayed Film,

2ndly It Wasnt Even Promoted, Aamir Said In Komal Nahta's Show "Itni Badi starcast ki film thi Salman Aamir eak saath par logon ko pata hi nahi tha ki film kab release ho rahi hai",

3rdly It faced a major clash

And till the time it started getting good wom it was already out of many theatres

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Both Salman and Aamir were stars with their debut movie, they are among the most successful stars of 90's, they had BB, hgoty, Atbb, opening record all in 90's.
according to haters all their hits are due to external factors but their flops are only due to them.

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They were running a duopoly then and today as well. And there are people who want to compare them to wannabes like ranbir and ranveer.

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Ranbir thrashed megastar in his second film that was his stardom

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Even today i watch MPK, JJWS & Baazigar i like them more than previous time ..
But still these newbies didn't left an impact like them eventhough for being in the industry for 7 - 9 yrs ..

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New Actors Are In Industry For 10-13 Years (34-37 Yrs Old) Still Are Called Young Stars

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Don't give importance to haters.Aamir- Salman became stars before their parents were in shorts and will continue till they are old

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but one had his top opener after 21 years megastardom


Beat Sunny Deol with his Debut movie. Aag Ka Gola v MPK.

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They were megastars who never gave any top opener till they became uncle one guy had no film in top 20 opener for 4 years in 90 decade megastardom

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