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1995 Blockbuster Rangeela Is Arguably The Most Important Film Of Aamir Khan As Far As Impact On Career Is Concerned.

Aamir Not Just Delivered One Of The Best Acting Performance Of All Time In Iconic Character Of Munna But Also Permanently Established Himself In The Top League And Since Then He Remained In The Top League.

Aamir's Career Can Be Divided Into 2 Parts Pre Rangeela And Post Rangeela

In Pre Rangeela Period He Enjoyed Success As He Became Overnight Star With His Debut Film QSQT Which Had 2 Cr Footfalls And Was 2nd Biggest Blockbuster Of The Year, He Followed With Even Bigger Blockbuster Dil In 1990 Which Had 3cr FFs And Was HGOTY With Bumper Opening In Clash. However He Hasnt Been Consistent Between Post QSQT And Pre Rangeela Period Specially Between 1991-1994 Where He Had Just 3 Success (2-3 Hits).

In Post Rangeela Period He Has Been Exceedingly Consistent With Just 4 Films Being Outright Flops Whereas He Has Huge Magnitude Of Success With-

5 Atbb Atg Record Distributor Share

6 Hgoty Bhoty Mwfoty

2 Hgotd

1 Bhotd Mwfotd Hgotc All Circuit Record Breaker

6 Record Opening, 8 Bumper Opening

2 Highest And 1 Biggest Opening Of Decade

7 Movies Of 2 Cr Footfalls (3 Of 3 Cr And 1 Of 4 Cr)

He Was Declared Biggest Star In 2006 And 2009 By BOI, Though Post 2009 He Didn't Utilise His Peak Years Of Superstardom Properly As He Did Just 5 Films In Lead Role (3 Atbb 1 Semi Hit And 1 Below Average/Flop)

His Run Between 2006-2016 Is One Of The Best Runs Of All Time Both Commercially And Critically

The Best Part About His Career Has Been That He Has Just 3 Multistarrer Successful Films, All Others Are Solo.

With 2 Decades Of Acting Career Still Left Hope He Achives More Success Both Commercially And Critically As He Has Done In His Career Till Now!

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So he is biggest megastar?


Ofcourse Not!


Yes glad that you admitted this because biggest megastar is Akshay Kumar


Yes He Is GigaStar :D

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Aamir is a Genius Megastar. Many says Aamir finished after TOH but they not known only one flop never affected Megastardom. Lal singh chadda given answer for these type of haters.

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Rangeela was Aamir's mind-blowing performance ... Aamir brought a certain CHUTZPAH to this performance which was very endearing and/ but also evident in JJWS, DHKMN and later in DCH, RDB, 3I but failed miserably in TOH.

Post TOH will be his 3rd innings and though not very optimistic with Lal Singh Chaddha but then it is Aamir, he has and can SURPRISE.

But unlike what is written by Rancho, Aamir as a star has best utilized his stardom in 2010-2019 ...any other ways and he could have fallen flat with more movies like Talaash ( it's a good watch ) , D3 ( big hit but crap ) and TOH ... 2 movies every 3 years is what is perfect for him

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The best Aamir Khan performance and one of my 5 all time favorite performances, change me from a hater to a fan

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Curious to know....why u were a Hater before!!!!!!??

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