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Junglee Second Friday - Badla Fifth Friday

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Junglee dropped on its second Friday despite holding up pretty well over the weekdays in its first week. The film collected around 30-35 lks on its second Friday taking its total to around 21.50 crore nett. the film really had to collected around the 1 crore nett mark on its secodn friday for a decent total but it is way short. The collections of Junglee till date are as follows.



Week One - 20,25,00,000 apprx



Friday - 35,00,000 apprx



TOTAL - 20,60,00,000



The other release of last week Notebook had negligible collections on the second Friday.




Badla saw its first major drop on its fifth Friday as it collected 30 lakhs nett apprx. The film has probably exhausted its audience which is mainly in metros but has done very well to get this far and will probably end with business of around 86-87 crore nett. The collections of Badla till date are as follows.



Week One - 37,79,00,000



Week Two - 28,98,00,000



Week Three - 10,75,00,000 apprx



Week Four - 5,50,00,000 apprx



Friday - 30,00,000 apprx




TOTAL - 83,32,00,000 apprx
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Junglee should've hold better. Heading for flop. And Badlaa has done very well. 30 lakhs that too on 5th Friday is decent. The job is already done. 85+ cr for Badlaa will be superb result.

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