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Ranbir Kapoor winning his 3rd Filmfare Best Actor for Sanju.Are you delighted or disappointed.

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IDC about it although a great performance which he portrayed superbly. Never liked Filmfare Awards. Still, don't get why never gave Ajay Devgn Best Actor for Omkara and same applies to Sunny for Ghatak. On the female side, Meenakshi should have won for her terrific acting in Damini.

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)
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In 2012 -

Winner = Ranbir Kapoor - Rockstar
Deserving = Ajay Devgn - Singham

In 2013 -

Winner = Ranbir Kapoor - Barfi
Deserving = Irrfan Khan - Paan Singh Tomar

In 2019 -

Winner = Ranbir Kapoor - Sanju
Deserving = Aayushmaan Khurrana - Andha Dhun

That's Why I Am Not Trust Filmfare....

by Assistant Director (52.1k points)

2011, SRK was a way better choice for don 2 imo.


I taught srk for ra one was better choice


@playboy, everything about (including the acting and except the vfx) was horrible.

Don2 was a missed chance. Had it come before or 6 months after, it deserved a lot more. Anyways acting wise, SRK was sensational in don2. Rockstar was nothing but dumb screaming and ott antics by Ranbir.

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Delighted for you. Disappointed for myself

by Mega Star (225k points)
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All deserving....but Ranveer was lil better as Khilji IMO....but they gave him Critics 1

by Production Designer (15.0k points)

Hahahaha aayushmaan khurraana the real deserving winner.


Part time ranbir fans at it again.


Ajay ayushman was much overrated bcoz of movie.. even he doesn't deserve nominations if it was abt only acting in andhadhun.. he was just same as his any other movie..

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i am not sure about sanju per ranbir acha actor hai.......

by Casting Director (18.7k points)
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Ranveer was much better than ranbir..

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)

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