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Uri - The Surgical Strike is finishing its run on around 244 crore nett. It is probably the fourth biggest small - medium Hindi film of all time. The budget of the film may not be as small as some of the other films comparatively as they were very low budget films but today there has to be some sort of spend while earlier the content could take the film anywhere even without a spend.



A Jai Santoshi Maa was made with a production budget of less than 3 lakh and was released on around 15 prints for a total of 5-6 lakhs cost at time of release. Eventually in time nearly 300 prints had to be taken out and the cost of the film went to 50 lakhs apprx. The print and promotions cost of this film was eventually more than 15 times of the production budget.



The business of this film is 400 crore nett plus today in terms of adjusted NETT GROSS which is probably an unbeatable record for a small film. That film went on some sort of wave when released and a similar thing has happened. Uri - The Surgical Strike though not at the same level as Jai Santoshi Maa across the country.



The other films which make into the top ten from recent films are Tanu Weds Manu Returns in sixth place and Badhaai Ho in tenth spot. The top ten small medium films in the industry of Hindi cinema are as follows. 




1. Jai Santoshi Maa (1975) - 400 crore plus



2. Nikaah (1982) - 275 crore plus



3. Dosti (1964) - 250 crore plus 



4. Uri - The Surgical Strike - 244 crore apprx



5. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak - 185 crore apprx



6.Tanu Weds Manu Returns - 165 crore apprx



7. Dharma (1973) - 160 crore apprx



8. Pratighaat (1987) - 150 crore apprx



9. Aaj Ki Awaaz (1984) - 145 crore apprx



10. Badhaai Ho (2018) - 140 crore apprx


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Verdict Will Be After BOI Update -

  1. Jai Santoshi Maa - All Time Blockbuster
  2. Nikaah - Blockbuster
  3. Dosti - Blockbuster
  4. Uri The Surgical Strike - Blockbuster
  5. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak - Blockbuster
  6. Tanu Weds Manu Returns - Blockbuster
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I am 100% Sure all 10 Are Blockbuster...QSQT another Blockbuster for Aamir Khan ...
But I still Don't Believe this Site...
Inka Koi Bharosa nahi ek baar isne bola NAMAK HALLAL is a Biggest Blockbuster in Comedy Genre with 275cr Adj. Nett
Now same Year NIKAAH has 275cr Adj Nett ye movie Top 5 me bhi nahi hai..
Old Boi
1. Vidhata - 8cr
2. prem Rog - 6.50cr
3. namak Hallal - 6cr
4. Khuddar - 5cr
5. Farz Aur Kannon - 4.75cr
6. nikaah - 4.50cr (275cr Nett / Blockbuster)
Yaa to ye Nikaah ko upar le jynge yaa Top 6 me sbko Blockbuster krr denge..
Aisa hua to Amitabh has 2 Blockbuster per year from 1981-1982-1983

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bobby ka nett 5.5 cr hai old boi per aur dhrma ka 2 cr to ab nikal lo.
per muje lagta hai nett change hoga.


@ajay link mile to dikhana waise jitendra kimovie se rajesh khanna ka kya kaam.


Are Usme kuch aisa diya tha ki pahle wo movie rajesh khanna karne wala tha. isliye mention kiya tha. dhundata hu.


agar nett change nahi hota hai to 2019 ke adjusted collection se sangam bhi 500cr adj nett aur 4.5cr footfalls hoga.

dosti - 2cr nett

sangam - 4cr nett.

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Jai santoshi maa is biggest blockbuster of all time on ROI basis

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Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak Is A 2 Cr Plus Blockbuster (2nd Biggest Hit Of The Year)

Aamir Is One Of The Few Actors Who Simultaneously Delivered A Blockbuster With Debut Film And Became An Overnight Star

Hope Laal Singh Chaddha Is 10th Blockbuster Of Aamir Khan In Lead Role And In 2020 Decade Aamir Simultaneously Gets 20 Solo Hits And 10 Solo Blockbuster Which Would Be A Rare Achievement!

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QSQT ka verdict BB per footfalls 1.65 cr hoga.


Nahi, 400 Cr Wali JSM 4.25 Cr Hai Toh 185 Cr Wali QSQT Bhi 2 Cr Hogi Hi!

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Wow Jai Santoshi Maa is 400crore
Also Uri is the biggest small film of modern times

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