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We Often See Actress Talking About Pay Parity And Saying That They Should Be Paid Equal To Actors But That Doesn't Makes Sense Over Here.

It Makes Sense When Women Working In Offices In Same Position And Giving Same Output Like Their Male Counterpart Claim About Equal Pay Bcz Their Contribution Is Equal To The Company.

Whereas That Doesn't Holds True For Films In General Where Mostly Actors Are Bigger Stars Than Actress Hence They Generally Get Paid More Bcz They Add More Value To The Film Due To Higher Box Office Pull.

And Its Always Based On Output Not Hardwork Bcz A Spotboy Can Work Harder Than Anyone Else But Still He Will Not Get Highly Paid.

Of course Exceptions Can Be There Where Actress Are Bigger Than Actors And In These Case They Are Actually Paid More Than Actors Not Just Non Stars But Even More Than The Stars. It Had Happened In Past, Its Happening Now And Will Also Happen In Future. No Matter What People Say But At The End Of The Day Filmmaking Is Business And It Doesnt Makes Sense To Pay Alia And Deepika Equal To That Of Salman And Aamir When Even Their Flops Collect More Than Their Biggest Hits, Filmakers Have To Keep Budget In Mind, The Fees Of Khans Itself Is More Than Budget Of Female Centric Films And Most Of Them Don't Even Recover Their Costs Then How In This World Do They Demand Equal Pay?

Taking About Whose Name Shall Appear 1st In Credits, Well I Think It Shouldn't Be On The Basis Of Gender, It Should Strictly Be On The Basis Of Stardom And In Some Cases On The Basis Of Seniority.

Placing Name Of Actresses Before Actors Just Bcz Of Their Gender Is No Different From Placing Name Of Actors Before Actresses Just Bcz Of Gender, This Cant Be Called Gender Equality!

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All that is bullshit its a commercial industry male actors get higher pay bcoz they bring more revenue as simple as that all that cry is from fake feminists
Imagine a debutant hero in a film with ali or deepika who will get paid more would the same women say same pay then also
Coming to credits nobody sees them so doesn't matter but imo it should be cast in their order of apperance

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Most of it is lip talk and not workable for leading man and lady but more applicable for other job behind the scenes or when newcomers are launched for pay parity

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I know this will sound crude, but here's the take. The male stars run the show, take the pressure of opening and weekend numbers, hence they deserve a bigger part of the cake. I remember alia bhatt giving the most sensible take on this...she said she knows she doesnt have the reach that her Male stars will enjoy.

In today's times, Salman and Aamir are the biggest guns, its laughable any actress would want the same pay as them.

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