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1. Badla (2019): 7/10 Unexpectedly entertaining. Although twist and turns seem more superficially created with some loopholes still manages to surprise and shock you.

2. Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota (2019): 8/10 Super entertaining. Vasan Bala's great tribute to Bollywood of the '70s and '80s. High on style with hilarious punchlines and subtle performances by all the leads make it a must watch.

3. Kesri (2019): 6/10 Lackluster first half with highly engaging and cinematically enriched fight sequences in second half make it a watchable flick.

4. Us (2019): 7/10 Well, far from your routine horror films with all the ghosts and spirits. It's a horror film whose concept isn't easily digestible but as you let yourself flow, it gives you chill in the spine. For refreshing your mood, it's a perfect shot.

5. Maheshinte Prathikaram (Malayalam) (2016): 9/10 Lovely. I admire the director to capture all the expressions of faces so beautifully. The details in scenes are so subtle and authentic, I actually fall in love with each frame. It's been a long time I've come across such beautiful romantic drama. Really, would recommend everyone to watch it.

6. Aranya Kandam (Tamil) (2011): 8/10 It's regarded as the first noir film from Tamil Industry and needless to say they've set a benchmark for this genre. It reminded me of Sriram Raghavan's Johnny Gaddar. Not only the screenplay is slick but also the technicalities have achieved a commendable feat. No doubt, it won the National Award for Best Editing in the respective year. The same director has directed latest release Super Deluxe, sadly hasn't released in North, otherwise would have loved to experience it on the silver screen.

7. John Wick (2014): 7/10 Okay. It has everything which I need from an action film. A lot of action sequences with sophisticated cinematic settings. Wonderfully, it's also one of the best revenge drama I've ever seen, after all, Wick is revenging on a cute puppy.

8. John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017): 7/10 As good as a prequel with more intense action sequences. Waiting for 3rd chapter.

9. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968): 4/10 Damn. I wonder why it has a cult following. So pretentious and slow that you take a nap while watching the film, and you still don't miss a thing. Lol It has random stuff moving around the space in extremely slow motion and keep moving for a long long time, even a snail has better move.

By the way, I do get its pretentious philosophies of the evolution of the universe, humanity, machine and artificial taking over and controlling humans blah blah. But, I'd prefer to watch a film like Tree of Life thousands of time if I've to understand the philosophy of human's existence than watching this stupid sci-fi film just because the legend Kubrick has directed the film.

10. Jai Bhim Comrade (2011): 10/10 This is the second film I've watched of Anand Patwardhan after Ram Ke Naam and I can't say kind of fondness I've grown for his works. This documentary has widened my perspective and helped me understand the complexities of caste-based society and politics. It has opened a new horizon for me from where I can see more and more hidden truths and reality of us. It's both underwhelming and overwhelming at the same time. A must watch.

11. The 100 (TV Series) (2014): 7/10 Okay. I had a hard time watching it till 5th episode and I thought to quit in middle many times still kept watching and finally this 13-episodes long TV series based on post-apocalyptic world gains its right momentum and finally I started enjoying it and that gave a hope where I can give its second season a try. 

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Daredevil Season 3 8/10
Put Thanos in a hallway with daredevil

The Night Comes For Us 3/10
Literally no plot 3 only for the awesome action and gore

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc Sec 5/10
Average but not boring

TVF Pitchers 7/10
TVF never fails waiting for tripling S2

Aquaman 7/10
Entertaining james wan is the man

Bohemian Rhapsody 3/10
Nah didn't like and oscar for lead performance no wayyy

Flip 2/10
Expected way more from bejoy nambiar

Creed 5/10
Average cliche but still okay sports film

Movie of the weeks: Aquaman

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Here I go...

  1. Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota [2019] = 6/10 [Fun, thorough entertainer.]

  2. Us [2019] = 7/10 [Predictable but creepy good.]

  3. Notebook [2019] = 6/10 [Subtle decent love story. My only problem was with the extra flashback involving the Kashmiri Pandit & Kashmiri Muslim reveal. The film would still be the same without this flashback which just stuck out as unnecessary & manipulative.]

  4. Super Deluxe [2019 - Tamil] = 9/10 [The best film of this year is here. A must watch for anybody who think they like films. The most I have clapped while watching any film.]

First time Watches = All of them.

Movie(s) of the weeks = All of them. But special recommendation to Super Deluxe.

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