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Next Eid Clash Hai Aapki?

Abhi 1 Saal Hai , Yeh EID Jaane De Agli EID Ka Baad Main Soochainge .- #RohitShetty
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This means RS will reconsider his decision. A clash with Salman or Aamir is a losing proposition these days.

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RS famously never changes his release fates.

interestingly, around 10 years ago an RS movie clashed with an Akki movie and a Salman movie.

Akki won the opening while Rohit's movie won the lifetime, Salman's movie lost both. Let's see iss baar kya hota hai.

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Maine vi kkhh k poster mai salman kodekha hai..song vi usi k sune hai..so by this logic kkhh is Salman movie..your stardomless is loll


@mr.hola don't play the victim here you are the one who always show your hatred towards salman and try(fails everytime) to troll its obv you will be given answer


where did I troll Salman? ek simple baat note ki hai previous clash ki and suddenly Salman fans are attacking me.

ye hatred waali baat last time clear ho gayi thi when you showed hatred towards SRK and were unable to justify.

and right on cue, another Salman fan dragged SRK into this conversation for no reason.


I cleared it last time only coming to srk being dragged that happens from both sides if you think srk fans are dhudh ke dhule and they don't bring salman unnecessary when someone talks about SRK then obv either you don't pay attention or just don't want to pay attention

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Bola Tha Na Clash Nahi Hoga Matlab Nahi Hoga. Salman Megastar Hai Tha Aur Rahega.....

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Why are people bothered about clash..clash toh tab hoga jab koi canadian k movie ko screen dega salman k against

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Hope Bharat and Dabangg 3 do reasonable collections

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Yeh eid jaane de agli ka baad mein sochenge is he saying that the clash depends upon bharat's performance

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I Don't Think Rohit Shetty Thinks About It. He Just Formally Says That More Than One Year Remaining So Pahle Ye EID to Jaane Do Itna Jaldi Clash Clash Karte Rahte Ho.:D


If kalank fails and brahmastra has to fail thanks to dabangg 3. Kjo ki apni asli position samajh aa jaayegi agle 1 saal men.

One bad 2018 and everyone is underestimating Khan power.

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Last two Eids have not done business like the Salman Khan films..Tubelight and Race 3 have failed to impress the audiences..Rohit Shetty means that lets see what Salman will do this Eid..If Bharat becomes a blockbuster then it will be proved that Eid belongs to Salman Khan and RS will reconsider it's decision..If Bharat doesn't do well then Rohit Shetty will not hesitate to take on Salman Khan with his police franchise..

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I guess it was a taunt from him. He meant that people shd worry about this eid first then think about next year's. Basically the clash depends on Bharat's performance. KJO snake will play various games from 5th june.

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If audience likes bharat there is nothing that snake kjo can do if they don't like it there is nothing anyone can do

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ye bhi ho sakta hai RS bhrat ke flop hone ka wait kar raha ho, tab wo next eid per apni movie confirm karega.

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Still Bharat will collect Kesari' s lifetime in a week.

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Rohit Shetty is an intelligent man, KJO is a manipulative person and Akshay Kumar is a calculating machine and they all keep their egos aside to further their interests and clashing with Inshallah will or might be disastrous for their interest ...so will be postponed for sure to Bakri eid

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Megastar fans getting all happy at slightest hope of clash not happening... Uff ye darr... Ye darr hona chahiye. (dance)

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"BO kya achar bana krr dalunga"..... Dear Chameleonji, then WTH u start ranting about BO in each and every post? (Off course, including this one).


Don't believe what our Chameleonji says/writes. The post is about Salman and Akshay... He calls himself a Hrithik/Amitabh fan. But look at his activities.... Chameleonji roxxx(rock)


Also he says bo ka achaar bna krrr dalu but all his post are about boi all time rank kiski kitni hit kitne success kon konsi rank pe hoga lol chameleon ji at his best


Iss Chameleonji ke samne asli wala Chameleon bhi Sharm se chhup jaye(rofl)

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