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Kartikeya Gummakonda

Ahan Shetty

Payal Rajput

Tara Sutaria

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This should be an interesting pair.

Her role would be substantial like the heroine who started in the original version. As far as Ahan Shetty goes, he does look like his father Suniel Shetty but ironically he resembles the lead actor in RX100 as well.

Ahan does seem to have a good voice as there were videos of him on YouTube like all these celebs who come out of the airport getting their pics clicked. He also has that rough look as well with his beard so I think this role will suit him. Milan is a good director who will make him stand out but his Ahan's job to connect with the audiences because it's his debut.

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I am thinking about watching RX100 anyways tara now have SOTY 2 and this as proper lead

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Can anyone tell me about Tara Sutaria family background and how she famous??

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She was in Hindi remakes of popular Disney shows such as Suite Life and Hey Jessie.

She isn't from a film family but her family is very rich.

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Dont think anyone cares about this movie or its leads

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Suniel Shetty is one of my favourite actors along with Ajay so I would care about this movie and his son as the lead actor because there's curiosity. I would be keen to know what he can do as an actor in his debut and he resembles his dad a very much.

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Bahut gareeb starcast hai!

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