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VFX of total dhamaal was the worst in recent times, but why wasn't the movie trolled like race 3 or MJo or TOH?

I feel more than spreading negativity on khans, hrithik, people dont care akki and ajay movies as they keep doing movies very regularly and they never got into top3 and never gave ATG or give records.
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Akshay was in top 3 last decade and greater than other khans till 1997 come out of illusion


Abe Chup Bakchod Kahinke

Akshay Kahin Scene Mei Nahi Tha 1990s Mei

Khans Were Top 5 Stars And Highest Paid Actors Of 1990s Decade
Akshay 1990s Ke Mid Mei Star Bana
Jabki Khans 1990s Ke 2nd Half Mei Top 3 Mei They

Jaake Dekh BOI Ki Old And New Dono Rankings

2000 Mid Tak BOI Usko Big Star Tak Nahi Maanta Tha, Teeno Khan Hrithik Ke Neeche Tha Woh

Iss Decade Mei Bhi BOI Usko Teeno Khans Ke Neeche Rakha Hai Aur Mid 2010 Decade Tak BOI Usko Tier 3 Star Bolta Hai!


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It is a methodological spreading of negativity about the Khans and Hrithick by some people not naming them.

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You said it there. No one cares.

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Expectations is what pulls down .... the Khan movies come with high expectations and hence their every lapse is blown to smithereens

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As you said khans and HR (despite his lows since 2016), are bigger forces than ajay and akshay, hence expectations are way more.

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Answer is simple NO ONE CARES..

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As you have explained it i agree with you 100%

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Since those films are worse while Total Dhamaal is much better by the way salman got beaten by everyone in last decade no one cared about him where Akshay was in the Top 3.His many hits last decade would have been blockbusters today and lastly audience is not bothered by vfx it is an illusion what happened to zero excellent special effects but average film

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Akshay Top 3 In Last Decade Ole Ole

Top 3 Toh Door Ki Baat Woh Muskil Se Top 5 Mei Aaya, Mid 2000 Tak Big League Mei Bhi Nahi Rakhta BOI Usko

If And But Ko Daal Apne Jeb Mei Fact Yeh Hai Ki Akshay Nei Keval 2 Blockbuster And 2 Cr Footfalls Diye Hain Tunna Tunna


no bro akki was not in top3 last dcade..only srk hrithik aamir were there...
if aamir khan had no ghajini and 3 idiots then akki wud have been in top3..

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