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We always remember the first phone we used with fondness. 

I walked into the mobile world with the Samsung M6560 Lindy back in 2010. 

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At that time there was a wave of the Samsung corby phones! Everyone loved and used them. This one was on the same lines but had music shortcut keys which made it look different. Talking about the performance of the the phone, there wasn't much to write home about but it had amazing looks. The camera was satisfactory for its time. And most importantly it had 3G. Back then it was a big thing and 3G was just starting to catch air.

Then moved on to the Nokia 5230, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Blackberry Bold, Sony Xperia Z and currently on iPhone 6s.

Among all of these, I loved Xperia Z the most because I used to tinker with its OS all the time with Custom Firmwares. Though I did jailbreak the iPhone, but was unable to use payment apps like PhonePe, HDFC bank app due to the jailbreak (Just a heads up if you're planning to jailbreak your iPhone).

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First mobile...

Had got it for free after my parents bought my bike, splendor plus. World cup offer so mobile + Airtel Sim card came free.


Nokia 1100 2yrs
Nokia 7610 3yrs
Nokia C3 2yrs
Blackberry 9300 3yrs
Samsung Galaxy Note3 3yrs
One plus 6 - Current

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Well Nokia -5 was in my wishlist but ended up in taking Samsung again ..


Nokia C5 was pretty popular I remember.


Everything Nokia was popular back then lol.


Yeah man, SRK was the brand ambassador for Nokia back then, good old days...............

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My first phone was nokia 2700 classic but without camera
Then next was a micromax i don't remember the model then nokia asha 308
Next was nokia asha 502
First android one was micromax
Than samsung A5
Currently i m using samsung j7 core

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@Ssk isn't nokia 2700 a camera phone bcoz i too owned it ..


Well yeah i actually don't remember the model of my phone it was a same exact copy of nokia 2700 but without the camera

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My 1st was Nokia 2700 classic in the year 2010 & it was my favourite for its amazing music player .

Then the nxt was Samsung S3 neo in 2015 .. my most Loyal phone

Right now i have Samsung galaxy on.8 .. purchased 2 months back ..

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I used this phone for a while when my samsung lindy stopped detecting memory cards.. it was awesome


Even i used to log in forum from nokia 2700 with ucmini ..

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Nokia 1600 ,it was a superb feature phone I can still buy it if I can from somewhere .

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Nokia 1100 & 1600 were the most common & widely used mobile phones ..
Even i had 1600 for my home purpose ..

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During School Days I Used Nokia, Then Shifted To Samsung, Now Using Redmi


Nokia N72, N73, 5800



Samsung Galaxy S2, J7, On7


Redmi 6 Pro

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My first phone was a Nokia E72, around a year after that I used a Balckberry Bold 9900, for those who don't know back in the day a BlackBerry was equivalent to an iPhone today, an absolute rage with its BBM messaging.

Henceforth I moved on to Samsung note 2, tried all Samsung phones from the A series to the J series. Presently using a Samsung S9 plus.

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Kafi mehenge phones istemal karne ki aadat lagti hai ...

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Nokia keypad phone. Two years before only, I started using android phone. Before that, I used keypad phones only.

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My first phone, Nokia Xpressmusic 5310. The coolest phone according to me. I still remember the TV ads that used to play

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