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And before any mug comes to say that it is within roles, see this.

Butler was in his crease not only when Ashwin was in his bowling stride but even when he stopped and then Ashwin just waited for him to leave, that's not exactly according to the rule.

Here's the video.
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So it seems like everybody here is suppprting ashwin which is suprising bcoz clearly butler wasn't taking any advantage he was normally backing up just like any other batsmen do the ball should have been declared dead and play should have moved on but no they gave butler out bullshit if you can get batsmen out like these than 0/10 will be the score
Ashwin has lost it he is desperate to come into the side for wc but from where i see he is on the verge of losing his spot in tests as well

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Win against all costs mentality, some of them are hyper Nationals too, of Indian player murder someone, they'll support them too, cause he's Indian.

These dumbos forget than Underarm bowling was within the rules too once. Look how that turned out to be.


Well just turn the situation a indian player being mankaded by a foreign player everybody would have lost their mind


Tb would be the first one to defend the integrity of a foreign player had he mankaded an Indian player. Appeasement at all costs mentality


Nope, that's generalizing. I don't like such practices, no matter who does it.

Maybe if the batsman was "out of his crease before" but certainly not when he wasn't but "bowler waiting to batsman's momentum to carry it forward then I'll dislodge the bails".

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360 degree fan in you has led you to hate Ashwin but Ashwin followed the laws of the game and it was out according to that . A batsman is not allowed to step his leg outside the crease unless the ball has been released while Buttler was out even he didn’t even load his action . Those saying it’s against spirit of game are the ones who don’t leave their crease even when they have nicked the ball . In a game where batsman are given so advantage ,these small things make a huge difference to a course of match .ones gets converted into twos so how can Batsman step out of his crease ? .
I know you understand all this as you are a noob .you just wanted to see more of ramp,scoop shots of butter so you are disappointed !!

by Director (121k points)

I know you are a brainless ***** with intelligence equivalent of a kg child. The so called rule is about stopping batsman from taking undue advantage, which Butler wasn't taking, secondly it's not about whether it was about rules vs spirit of game, instead Ashwin stopped and waited for a Butler to get out of his crease which isn't what the rule is designed for. So take your rulebook and stick it up your dung heap of a brain.

And in that case underarm bowling was within the rules during that Australia vs New Zealand series, and see how that turned out for Chappell brothers, so why don't you take your opinion to somewhere people actually care about it and don't bore is with your worthless take on the matter, cause by your logic majority of people who can see that how Ashwin tried to use the role for his advantage are 360 Lovers and bla bla bla.


Relax tb. Reserve your venom. If by any chance, our team wins a world cup, you will need such words to show your jealously and hatred.


Wrong act by Ashwin whether he hate Indian team is not relevant for the topic

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I have zero respect for this arrogant moron Ashwin, its good he has been kicked out of the team!

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)
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Absolutely within the rules. I guess hating the Indian national team and anyone connected with them is your favorite past time. Have a 360 degree vision?

Why wo angry? That butler got out?or your favorite Smith did not take the royals home so that you could troll ashwin? Btw suchitra senanyake had done the same to butler in an odi in 2014. Dint see you cry then.

by Mega Star (226k points)

"Absolutely within the rules" so was underarm incident.

But i guess dignity & integrity are not the words that I'll attach to likes of you and your logic is askew, 80% of people must also hate Indian players and love 360 players cause that's the ratio of support to this incident, rest I'll leave it up to the videos and evidence.

Besides Senanayake incident was different, Butler was warned first and was outside of crease, in this case, not so much.


Dignity and integrity...hahahahahahahaa. bas ye sab sirf foreign players men dekhti hai tb ko:D


Ashwin did it once in international cricket, but Sachin refused to appeal for wicket, he asked Sehwag to take back the appeal who was captain by then, nope, not all Indian players are like that, some are really good, oh wait, you don't like them, i get you like masculine, tattoed, brash mouthed mongrels more so you wouldn't understand decency in players.


Masculine or tattooed is not wrong. Even SRK sported a tattoo for jhms. Even he fought for a fight sequence at a stadium once...isnt it? Just because you dont like tattoos doesn't mean it's bad.:D


Ah, don't cry, i mean you're frustrated cause your favourite Ashwin is not good enough bowler to be considered for India ODIs, and is closer to being replaced in tests too. This is only way he can stay relevant and so can his fans, i understand your situation, carry on :D :D


Replaced in tests?nope wont happen. Odis...well that is a weird case. He's not as bad, it's just that leggies are ruling the roost for now


No, c'mon don't Debby it, you have a soft corner for the greatest Captain India never had, before Kohli, it was ASSwin :D :D


Ashwin is a future test captain imo. Whenever kohli ends his captaincy stint, I see ashwin being skipper and a good one at that.


IMO he should be made captain for World Cup.

9 matches in group stage, semis & final.

110 wickets without even bowling a ball, boom, how about that..!!

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Never seen sportsmanship when a bowler bowls no ball by stepping ahead a few centimeters,why should batsmen be given two yards advantage?

by Producer (114k points)

Tb, please control yourself. That is no way to address someone when he's not agreeing with you. You hate the Indian team doesnt mean all do


So if Indian team does something wrong, people will support them? No wonder Hardik Pandya is so playing lol


I beleive all have different opinions. Shah is defending ashwin on the basis of a rule. Plus why dint the umpire intervene and give a not out to butler?

Learn to be tolerant tb


I would have been much more tolerant of you & puneet didn't had that moronic logic and made me mad, i know Puneet is just the worst but i expected but from you, atleast in this case.

"Supporting Butler because you want to see shots" what a logic man, clap for it. User says at anything without thinking anything, and be tolerant, huh.

What if Gayle was in his place? What would you say then? "Supporting Gayle because you want to see 180 shots"?

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It’s within his rights to run him out. He left the crease when the ball did not leave the bowler’s hand, got run out.

Rahi baat spirit ki, we know Ashwin. He’s not your Steven Smith, a chronic offender.

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

Nah, he pulled off when Butler was in the crease and waited for him to go out.


That's actually dead ball if a bowler pulls off from his bowling stride.

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What about third umpire wrong decision by him

by Camera Operator (11.6k points)

Umpires mostly go by the rule books, but this is different, it's like taking the time and bending it to your advantage. It was designed to keep batsmen who tried to take unfair advantage in check, in this case it wasn't happening.


Damn. So hurt that he did not get to see his favorite butler thrash Punjab so that he could troll ashwin.

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Thats poor spirit from Ashwin and being a captain he should have behave much better , buttler is not trying to run here he was just moving forward Ashwin paused and then out him not fare and lost the respect for what he did in the game and after that to justify it.

by Assistant Director (52.7k points)
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This Decision Is Wrong Decision By The Umpire. Buttler Clearly Not Out. Looks LIke Umpire Not Read Rule Book Properly.

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)
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yehi ek tarika tha butler ko out karne ka? ese kehte hai world class spiner...........

by Casting Director (18.7k points)
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** cheat.. Literally waited for buttler to go out of the crease and then ran him out.. Cnt

by Location Manager (5.8k points)
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Within rule - Yes
but Within right game spirit - A BIG NO

most most most cowardly act and that too for IPL match .... it wont win Ashwin any fans or brownie points ....

by Location Manager (6.9k points)
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Hahaha.used to do such stuff during childhood days.

by Production Accountant (24.2k points)
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Now i respect ashwin no more

by Executive Producer (67.5k points)

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