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Fatima told DNA, “The superstar era ended way back. After the ‘Khans’, I don’t think we will ever have superstars. Now we all are accessible but earlier the stars were not. We could not search them on social media or follow their lives. We were able to connect with them through their films and interviews.”

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Very True. Hrithik will be last Superstar of Bollywood And Khan's will be last Megastar of Bollywood. After This Content is the King in Future.

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Aamir and salman will rule in next 5 yrs.. But here srk should feel lucky that his last name is khan..

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No midlife crisis, no retirement plans, not sporting salt-n- pepper beards, no receding hairlines, the three Khans continue to be gym fit action heroes, still romancing, dancing with Heroines not yet born when they become stars, making us laugh and cry with them at their movies.
Yes, one or two may reach superstardom in different eras but to get stratospheric stardom and no letting down even after reaching the peaks, not one but three together will not return and has never happened in history .
The unique thing about their reign is that Bollywood has become a global behemoth.
May the 3 continue to reign till we will not get robbed of our milestones, who we are and where we come from.

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Sensible girl. She knows the reality of the sherbets and the new perfectionists of Bollywood

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Ohhh i like this beauty with brains

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Aisa Early 90s me bhi bola gya tha ...After Amitabh Bachchan There is No Superstar...aur ye sach hai 90s me Amitabh ke Retirement ke baad koi Consistent nahi tha till 2001 ...

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Times are getting worse with each generation. The khans had the talent. The new ones dont.


Talent ???
Ajay,, Hrithik,,Ranbir are talented ...
Say only at BO.

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Well that's myth.. same was said during bachchan time n same during dileep raj kapoor time.... Ranveer Ranbir varun are next big superstars in 2025.. n this thing keep on going..

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Yes True...

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