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  1. Photographs (2019): 7/10 I had so mixed feelings when I came out of the theater but as the dust settled down, I found myself into the melancholy world of the characters Rafi and Miloni throughout the day. That's the after-effect I have of the film. It's about human relationship, a slice of life where silence speaks louder than words, poetry filled with spaces. Yes, the film is flawed and couldn't compete with The Lunchbox if we talk about consistency but Photograph has its own merits.
  2. Green Book (2018): 9/10 A well deserving Oscar film. Loved it from the bottom of my heart. How hate turns into love and prejudices break is an inspiring and wonderful tale. It's a beautiful journey with great music.
  3. Shoplifters (2018) (Japanese): 8/10 Again, a lovely film on human relationship. It digs down the complexities of relationship and varied human emotions. How we're selfish sometimes even when we don't want to be like that. Circumstances are enemy and realization prevails when we already lose a beautiful world. Shoplifters is picturization to that poor circumstances.
  4. One Cut of the Death (2017) (Japanese): 8/10 Okay. After Love, Sex and Dhokha, this is the most satisfying experimental film I've watched in a long long time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Would you believe that it has 35-minutes of long shot without any single cut? Completely organic single shot, no camera trick, no VFX or editing techniques. The film being a zombie film is an impossible thought to be anything like this but it's and you're going to love it. It's both exciting, bits of scary and funny.
  5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse (2018): 7/10 Super-fun. Regret missing it in theatre. A package full of entertainment.
  6. Being Cyrus (2006): 6/10 Okay. It's a decent psychological-thriller film but confusing and also unbelievable in some parts. Still, better than many Saif films.
  7. Sehar (2005): 7/10 This one really needs more attention. A crime drama based on UP mafia and how special task force eliminated them in the late 90s. With good performance of Arshad Warsi, it's a good riveting crime drama.
  8. Arth (1982): 9/10 Whenever I watch Mahesh Bhatt speaking on something, I find myself so engrossed in his deep understanding of a subject and that his farsighted thoughts and wisdom is something that subtlety shows in his films as well. The film may have many dimensions of relationship but what I loved the most is how a vulnerable woman eventually stands for herself. The film has Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil and Kulbhushan Kharbanda and unforgettable composition of Jagjit Singh which makes this film even more special and immortal.
  9. Made in Heaven (2019): 9/10 This felt like an extended version of Mira Nair's Monsoon Wedding and this is not a complain rather complementary to this 9-episode long web-series directed by 3 leading female and one male director. Zoya Akhtar has set the bar so high and given Bollywood a new aim to achieve the standard which shows the urban-classes in such a sophisticated manner and which doesn't look superficial and show-off. The show could belong to elite people's world's, but, in reality, those are stories of us in some way or another and that's what makes it relatable even when a person like me can not even dream of being part of that world ever.
  10. Love, Death, and Robots (2019): 10/10 Now, this is completely unbelievable. While watching it, some of the episodes surprised me and made me think how advanced technology has become. ****! Each and every episode is dope and you can miss so much with blink of an eye. This deserves to be watched as soon as possible.
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I need time to answer this. I watched 3 movies, and they were good

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Irumbu Thirai 5/10
Halloween 3/10
Carry On Jatta 7/10
To All The Boys I 5/10
Have Loved Before
Widows 7/10
Pa Paandi 6/10
Afsar 2/10
Takers 5/10
Dil Junglee 3/10
Orange 1/10
Flash Point 5/10
Carry On Jatta 2 5/10
Namstey England 2/10
TVF ImMature 10/10
The Change Up 5/10
Rubaru Roshni 9/10
Captain Marvel 7/10
Love Sonia 3/10
Knocked Up 7/10
Helicopter Eela 4/10
Cj7 4/10
Qismat 4/10

Movies of the weeks: Rubaru Roshni and TVF Immature

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Children of Men (6.5/10):

Decent movie. The highlight of it is the cinematography and one action scene in the first half. The screenplay and the acting are good though it gets a bit too long near the end and it feels like the story had much more potential.

Badla (4/10):

I did not find anything special in this movie. AB is good in his role while Taapsee does not bring much to her role, she is utterly unconvincing and does not suit the character. The story became fairly obvious after the first clue was dropped and then it takes a bit of a twist at the end which had some shock-value but nothing mind blowing. It can be watched once.

Hacksaw Ridge (8/10):

Now this was really good. I was not expecting to buy into the story so much. Beautiful characters, raw emotions, and a really good message make this movie a truly special watch. I found Andrew Garfield to be really good in this role. Along with The Social Network, I have realised that he actually a good actor but somehow was terrible as Spider-Man. The simplistic family at the start and the cute romance giving way to a brutal war and religious themes makes me think this movie can be remade in Bollywood without much trouble.

Leon The Professional (5.5/10):

I have had this movie on my laptop for years, I finally decided to watch it. It was cute in the beginning, but as the core relationship evolved, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth. The story eventually goes in a very predictable direction and is not worth the IMDB score it has.

This week concluded the house-cleaning i have been doing in my downloads folder. Now I have no movies left to watch and will be downloading all new movies soon.

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Well better late than never...

4th March - 17th March,

  1. Kumbalangi Nights [2019 - Malayalam] = 8/10 [This year's best film. And you will know which other film took it's place in the next week's answer. Anyways this is a film I highly recommend. Not to miss.]

  2. Captain Marvel [2019 - IMAX 3D] = 5/10 [Something you just could not escape from.]

  3. Simmba [2019] = 2/10 [Unbearable.]

  4. Sultan [2016] = Re-Watch.

  5. Spider-Man: Into the Verse [2019] = 7/10 [Both original & extended cuts. Fun watch.]

First Time Watches = All of them except Sultan.

Movie(s) of the weeks = Kumbalangi Nights, Spider-Man Into the Verse & ofcourse Sultan.

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Simbaa i am still mad at the fact the way rohit ruined temper

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