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Time and again we’ve witnessed top-notch actress of B’Town associating with Calvin Klein and gifting us with the hottest photo shoots. Sonakshi Sinha had earlier associated with the brand and we witnessed her jaw-dropping pictures, then we had Deepika Padukone who enticed us with her unique as ever clothing, and last but not the least, Esha Gupta, who flaunted her sexy bare body. But if there’s anyone who deserves an award for their consistency, it is Disha Patani, who has grabbed our eyeballs for her ‘sexiness ft. Calvin Klein’!

Here are 5 times when Disha left our mouths wide open with nothing but the willingness of saying ‘WOW’:

1. The Red Bikini ft. denim VS Esha Gupta:

Exactly where the entire idea popped up, and we thought why not appreciate the beauty and her oozing hotness. A similar shot was given by Esha Gupta previously, but c’mon! We all know who the winner is!

2. The Kardashian Showdown

Kardashian- Jenner ad photo shoots and campaigns are something that each fashion fanatic anticipates. Remember a similar theme used by the sisters when they shot this picture in association with CK? If this Disha Patani picture doesn’t take away their thunder, then we have no idea what will!

3. The Blue Bikini VS Sonakshi Sinha

The outfit happens to be the same but can you measure the difference in hotness? While we’re equally engrossed in it just as much as Y’all are, all we can say is, “GIVE US MORE OF IT”.

4. The Hot Pajamas VS Deepika Padukone

There’s probably no effing look that Disha can’t nail. There’s probably a reason why she’s CK’s favourite celebrity model from India, and she definitely deserves to be. Doesn’t she?

5. Enough of comparisons, let’s just appreciate!

While we have a clear winner in this battle, let’s just get over the comparisons and appreciate the beauty for her looks that will remain in our hearts forever.

Below are some more if you just can’t get enough:


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Alright this is getting boring now she needs to do movies rather than this photoshoots

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4 chaddi banayan ke alawa kuch nhi hai dikhane ko iska

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Haan wahi. Thoda kha pee leke dikhati toh maza aata

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Most hardworking girl of Bollywood

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