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KGF Chapter 2 Begins...

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Last week, I watched the prequel (Hindi dubbed version) and it was mind-blowing with good action and massy dialogues. I don't know much about Yash but his performance was terrific in every element such as his body language, voice and punching dialogues. That a killer look which he had in this film was amazing and he looked like a complete badass as a gangster.

I can't wait to see KGF Chapter 2 and I think it will do fantastic business in the North Indian market. Hopefully, this one will be very gripping with plenty of mass action and powerful dialogues like the prequel.

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Waiting waiting waiting......

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So we will have to wait till 2020 for chapter 2 or it has any chance of coming this year
Anyways waiting for this the stakes are way more high this time

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It won't come this year.


Then its a long wait there

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300 cr is waiting
Buzz will be similar to bahubali the conclusion.
Hope they find a good smooth release date
The artists will be in huge under pressure to deliver what public demands.KEENLY WAITING

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