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Twenty-Twenty: Here There Cant Be Any Comparison As Sachin Played Just 1 T-20 Scoring 10 Runs In It, Kohli Is Arguably Best Batsman In T-20 With 2200 Runs In 67 Matches At Average Of 50 With 20 Half Centuries

Test: Here I Believe Sachin Is Much Better.

Sachin Has Scored 15900 Runs At An Average Of Around 54, Important Point Here Is That Sachin Has Maintained This Average Playing 200 Matches, Sachin Has 51 Centuries And 68 Half Centuries.

Virat Has Scored 6600 Runs In 77 Matches At An Average Of Around 54 With 25 Centuries And 20 Half Centuries

One Day Internationals: Here Its Close Competition Between Sachin And Kohli But I Believe Kohli Is Better.

Kohli Scored 10800 Runs In 225 Matches At An Average Of Around 60 With 41 Centuries And 49 Fifties

Sachin Scored 18400 Runs In 463 Matches At An Average Of Around 45 With 49 Centuries And 96 Half Centuries

Overall: I Believe Sachin Is A Better Batsman. Having Said That I Must Say The Way Don Bradman And Sachin Tendulkar Were Greatest In Their Era, Virat Kohli Is Greatest In His Era.

Sachin Haters Often Make Some Excuses Like-

Sachin Scored So Many Runs And Centuries Bcz He Played For Long And Anyone Can Do That Playing For So Long In That Many Matches But The Thing Is That Let Alone Achieving What Sachin Had Achieved In Terms Of Records Even Playing For That Long In Itself Is A Huge Challenge, It Requires Extraordinary Talent, Passion, Dedication And Fitness To Debut Merely At The Age Of 16 In International Cricket And Then Go On To Play Till 40 Years, He Made Debut In Bowler Friendly Era When Even Rules And Playing Conditions Were Not Batsman Friendly Plus Sachin Faced Most Of The Greatest Bowlers Of International Cricket In His Lifetime Still Achieved All This. Also Playing For 25 Odd Years Is Not A Joke That Too After Going Through Many Serious Injuries Which Are Capable Of Ending Career Of Any Cricketer.

The Most Important Point Is That Sachin Maintained Average Of Around 54 In Test And 45 In Odi Playing 200 And 463 Matches Respectively, Which Is Enough To Prove His Consistency.

Also Haters Say That Sachin Plays For His Own Records But Had That Been The Case He Would Have Easily Scored 19000 Odi Runs, Played 500 Odi Matches, Scored 50 Centuries And 100 Fifties In Odi, Scored 16000 Test Runs, 75 Test Fifties, This Way Even His 35000 International Runs Would Have Been Completed.

Again Important Point Is That Out Of 100 Centuries That He Scored India Lost Only 25 Times

Besides He Also Got Out Record 28 Times In 90s (18 In Odi, 10 In Test) And Has 200 International Wickets

Sachin Has Excellent Record Against Top Most Team Of That Time Australia Along With Other Top Teams And Also Against Arch Rival Pakistan Both In India And Outside India Across Formats, He Was A Complete Player.

Some Of Major Records Of Sachin Are-

  • Most Matches, Runs, Centuries , Fifties, Man Of The Match And Man Of The Series In Test And Odi
  • Most Runs And 100s In A Calender Year, Most Times 1000 Runs In Calendar Year, Most Fours In ODI
  • Most Runs In World Cup Both Overall And Single Edition, Most Centuries In World Cups As Well
  • 1st Cricketer To Score Double Hundred In ODI

Sachin Is Not Greatest Batsman Merely Because Of His Records But Because Of Unparalleled Impact On The Game And He Has Been Most Popular Cricketer Of All Time Not Just In India But Entire World, The Craze And Hysteria Generated By Sachin Remains Unmatched, Besides That Why He Is So Much Loved And Respected Is Bcz Of His Humble Nature, He Always Stayed Grounded And Behaved Like A Gentleman Both On And Off Field, This Is What Makes Him God Of Cricket!

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sachin's era was different...opposite teams very strong

amaging fast bowlers ...and hard pitches...which favoured mostly bowler that time...

no powerplay....and no technology.....
many dissmissal of sachin unfair....
umpire decision very unfavourable to sachin.....

bowlers like akram waqar ,ambroce,courtney vales, donald ,mcgrath , brett lee , chaminda vas ,

spinner like murlidharan ,shane warne, mustaq,

enough to prove sachin great ness....

kohli also most superior for current era..

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So big fields, Sachin would have made record sixes if he plays today


Sharjah Storms, 175 In Hydrabad Vs Aus And 98 Vs Pakistan In WC Are My Favorite, I Remember Sachin Stepping Out And Smacking Fast Bowlers For Six In Those Days Mahn No Better Sight Than That, In His Peak Sachin's Strike Rate Used To Much Better Than Other Great Batsman Of That Era

One Of His Best Innings, 72 Off Just 27 Balls Vs New Zealand In Odi, Many Great Batsman Cant Play Such Kind Of Innings Even Today In T20!


Champions Trophy match after WC final debacle, McGrath and co was on way to repeat the same but Sachin comes out and hit McGrath for sixes and all the close in fielders lost and Yuvraj on his debut did the rest, it's not even a 50 but my all time favorite innings.

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sachin played against far better bowlers than virat likes of two all time greatest spinner plus so many great fast bowlers.

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2 All Times Best Fast Bowlers As Well- Wasim And McGrath!


few more greats of all time - ambrose, walse, donald ,and stayn .


Rancho and nitesh, sachin did not face wasim in his prime., neither did he face Ambrose in his prime. He had his battles against them in the late 90s when both had lost their venom to an extent. With McGrath things have been equal that I shall agree.

Just because kohli was not born earlier doesnt mean he deserves respect. If it is so easy to score today, why arent others averaging 60 in odis ?


Malinga, Lee, Vass, Pollack, Waqar, Broad, Anderson, Nitni As Well @Nitesh

@Intense Already Said Kohli Is Btr In ODI Than Sachin And He Is Best In This Era Overall As Well Like Sachin And Bradman Were In Their Era!

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It's like comparing one of the Khans with Ranveer Singhh.

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Kohli is a far better match winner than Sachin...... Fact

But Sachin's is the Greatest Player India has ever seen cz of that 24yrs.....& his impact in Indian Cricket is unparalleled.... fact

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Bad Comparison....Go & Write this on Google ""God Of Cricket""
You will get the Answer.

by Casting Director (17.6k points)
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Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar and Kapil Dev should be left alone.

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Sachin is God of cricket. Why you compare sachin with kohli?

When sachin played than world most dangerous bowler in the against side and now gully boy bowl for kohli.

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James Anderson, rabada, Steyn, Starc are gully boy bowlers ? Start watching the game @ajay..


Only 4 and how many times played against them and how many times kohli hits century???


Scored 600 runs in England in tests. Was the leading run scorer in south Africa. Has made a 1000 test runs in Australia
As I said watch the game before talking.


Only andersan are there and rest bowler like gali ke bowler and in today's time pitch is favourable for batting. Kohli not even 10% of sachin the great.

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Easily sachin
Kohli is great too

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Better batsmen tendulkar though kohli is a legend there is no doubt infact he is better than sachin in ODI's

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kohli in odis,sachin in tests but kohli is a bigger match winner and he is basically a machine never seen him out of form except for the 2014 England series

by Casting Director (16.6k points)
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Truly speaking... Kohli has outgrown Sachin as a match winner

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Right now it’s sachin but i think kohli will surpass Sachin in most of the aspects before he retires.

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On this forum everyone will say Sachin. For me it's out and out kohli in odis, sachin isnt even close. Tests it is equal. All old timers can bash me for this, but fact is fact.

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If Kohli wins the world cup as captain, he will become bigger than sachin. Anyways doesnt matter what you think, for the public kohli has become as big as sachin. Keep living in the past.

As a cricketer, sachin sir was far more gifted, but VK and his determination has taken him at par with the master, if not better.


Yes poll already suggest that who is bigger 17 votes for sachin and only 5 votes for kohli.

And by your logic Tiger Shroff is bigger than Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan And Aamir khan which is not. At that time when sachin played out of 10 matches 1 of them hits century ratio from all world class cricketers. And Now these flat pitches out of 10 matches 2 century hits by the world's batsman. So clearly visible who is flat track bully and how bad bowler in today's time.


Dude cut it. You clearly lack knowledge to argue so let it be. That's the thing with Indian fans.....just cant appreciate kohli. Someone who can call him a flat track bully.....all the best to you.


Don't worry you try your best but people always knows as Sachina The God of Cricket and its biggest things. Kohli never get that tag.


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