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MEGASTAR SALMAN KHAN for me is once in a lifetime commitment & not just some option I chose to be a fan off out of peer pressure or to show off.

The connection was there since I was a kid where one of the fondest memories for my entire family was me singing the songs of Maine Pyar Kiya especially Dil Deewana when I first learnt to speak. It is a never ending feeling when every relative of your's has that memory with them & they relate to that everytime Salman Khan is mentioned. 

Entire 90's went with me quoting him whenever I was asked, "whose fan am I?", even though 1998 introduced me to Titanic. Afterall how much can a 10 year old can gauge the term "FAN"?

It was only then being a FAN started gaining more importance. The reciprocating of that feeling of being a FAN came out evidently. It stopped being limited to watching his films or dancing to his songs. Ofcourse, there was never an attempt of apeing his hairstyle or dressing style. Being a Bhai fan also got synonymous with being a gym freak which I am not. 

Here is me listing my madness for the Megastar over various moments of my life growing up -

  1. Jaan-E-Mann. A movie I am madly in love with. Only movie I've watched 4 times with twice I caught back to back shows. After Titanic this was the movie which I felt running back to the theater right after finishing the show. The reaction of people when they see you coming out of the theater & going back to the ticket counter to buy another ticket for the next show was priceless.
  2. Salaam-E-Ishq which was released a week late in Mysore. Travelled 33 kms to make it to the FDFS as I couldn't find the ticket in the first theater I visited. I spent all the money to travel to another theater. Why crazy? Student days, empty pocket. No money to buy anything to eat as I had spent everything for auto fare & movie ticket. I had walked back all the way from theater to home which was 16kms. My companion throughout the walk were the songs of Salaam-E-Ishq.
  3. Watching movie Partner. This I had shared earlier. It was exam day. The exam was at 9. I left at 10:30am & made it to 11am fdfs whose ticket I bought in black. First time in life to do this amidst final exam. Thus, started my trend of watching Salman starrers in Shree Nagaraja theater in Mysore where Bhai is literally worshipped. Though the usual celebration was missed during this movie.
  4. Salman Khan - Shah Rukh Khan fight happened.  They parted ways & so did I. Had stopped watching Shah Rukh Khan films in theaters which lasted for 5 years, ending with me watching Chennai Express in 2013. This was also the case with John Abraham which ended in 2016 with Dishoom.
  5. Ready. Final year engineering exam period. Repeating the Partner madness but ofcourse didn't run from the exam but did watch it while having few subjects exams scheduled for the next few days.
  6. Kick. 2nd Hindi film after Jaan-E-Mann which I watched 4 times in theater. 2nd Hindi film which I watched 2 shows in a single day. 
  7. 2015 case verdict. I had an interview on that day & I got it postponed because I was not in the mood of course had to lie but I never got called back by that company again. I came back home & was glued to TV until Salman reached back home from the court. Not for a minute I moved. It was only till that moment where he came up to the balcony with his family & waved, I got back to my real self. The effect I have on my family that the whole evening till he appeared on the balcony, all of us were glued to television. 
  8. Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The idea of getting a film like this from Salman Khan is simply epic. This remained the most watched Hindi film in theaters for me.
  9. Sultan. Easily beat Bajrangi Bhaijaan to be the current Indian film which I have watched the most number of times in theaters. 3rd Hindi film where I caught screening twice in a single day. 
  10. Tiger Zinda Hai. The idea of travelling 1000kms to Mumbai & catch the first day first show in Chandan Cinema with the fan club & the familiar faces I used to watch in those first day first show public review videos on YouTube. 
  11. Case verdict again in 2018. This time I was at work. And that day till noon, me & another colleague just couldn't work. The craziest as far as work life is concerned, I cancelled two of my official meetings that day because of it. And the stress continued for days this time.
  12. Race 3. Why? I watched it twice in theater. Infact I don't think I would do anything more crazier than this. 
  13. 2018 I decided to watch only those films starring Salman Khan or produced by Salman Khan Films in theaters. Hurtful decision but I did manage that last year. Same is being followed this year too so far even though the idea of skipping Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota on 21st March is pricking.
  14. Being Human Stores. Not to boast, this madness started in 2017 to regularly shop in Being Human stores. Though, the jeans are not something I prefer to buy as they aren't office-worthy.
  15. Being Human tie up with PVR. One of the reason why I am regular visitor to PVR cinemas. No more booking on BMS as I don't get to donate to Being Human so this led me to install PVR app. Just Being Loyal.
  16. Whistling Woods. My stay there, I have informed everyone I met about whose fan I am. Infact it is his posters I clicked pics with there. Even though I couldn't muster the courage to have a word with Subhash Ghai [he was unwell that day] but a further more proper interaction with Meghana Ghai Puri instead of formal greetings then I would have informed her too.
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The very first memory of salman for me will be from baghban i have watched that film over 100 times just for him i had the dvd of baghban and as soon as i will come back home from school i will watch it the my whole family used to laugh watching this obsession
Also when i was kid i used to copy that towel dance it was a special item for all the guests who used to come to our house
This was the start of the bond towards salman khan obviously in the starting i was just a kid so i liked him bcoz of his movies but as i grew up i the bond was way beyond movies
I want all his movies to do well that is bcoz of my love towards him but i became his fan not fan of his box office
I still remember how during the whole 00s decade people will ask me who is your fav hero and i will say salman and they say he isn't doing so well pick someone else but i will fight with them for salman
Then came Dabangg the music has caught up the hype was unbelievable so i wanted to watch it but being a 6th standard kid i can't just go alone and parents had said no to movies but the fan inside me was eager to watch it so i literally begged my cousin to go with me
We both bunked school went to watch the film and there it started i didn't knew about box office footfalls screens anything but after watching dabangg i became his die hard fan
Another crazy incident was during sultan after the horrendous experience with bajrangi bhaijaan we wanted to watch sultan but not in that pathetic single screen and the miniplex was costly plus we wanted to watch it first day but we didn't had enough money we were in 12th standard so
Me and 2 of my friends we sold our books just to watch sultan first day
Only we know how we managed the rest of the session since it was right in the start of the session
And yes i watched Race 3 twice in theatre its crazy but as a fan i did it
The madness of watching his films anything related to him is there always will be

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Watching in cinema hall started from Ek tha tiger..could only watch one time each fdfs for ek tha tiger and dabangg 2.
watched jai ho 5 times in theatre
Watched kick 3 times in theatre..was first experience of watching bhai movie in single screen and the crowd was mad
Watched bajrangi bhaijaan 3 times
watched prdp 2 times
Watched sultan 4 times..multiplex became single screen type...
watched tubelight 2 times
Watched tzh 2 times
Watched race-3 3 times.....

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It's in 1990 (class VII) ,I was a fan of Anil Kapoor after watching Rakhwala and Kishen Kanheiya but destiny has other plans.
I watched Maine Pyar Kiya with my brother and since the day I became a fan of Salman.
The experience I got that day was that I was totally engrossed in the movie and when the movie ends it seemed to me that the movie was a short one. I rewatched the movie and then I am mad with the movie and I even joined elders arguing the topic of Qsqt vs MPK.
Then Saajan came and I became a bigger fan.
Hum Aapke Hain Koun; It's the movie which changed my life forever. I watched the movie 22 times at the theatre and if not for all the tuition classes I might have watched it uncountable times as the movie ran ran ran for so many months at a theatre near my home. I started buying Filmfare, Screen weekly, Cineblitz, Movie, Stardust and read read everything about Salman and collected newspaper clippings about Salman and thus from a Physics Hnrs student my mind changed towards literature with their effects and did MA in English literature.

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Okay a big list you got going there man!

I won’t say these all are crazy things but they are the proof of my love for bhai.

  1. The day Kick released, I was going to college. My home’s in mumbai and I used to live in hostel back in the day. Left for college from my room, ended up in a train to get home and watch Kick. I literally got my kick there!

  2. I have watched Race 3 twice as well.

  3. If my firstborn is a boy (I want it to be a girl), I’ll name him Prem. People who know me closely know this fact. I’ve told my girlfriend with whom I’ll be marrying that we’ll name our baby boy Prem. This will be my tribute to my Bhai.

People might say all sorta things but you just can’t stop being his fan. I’ve seen one guy become an srk fan outta nowhere. Like a fuckin diehard moron fan. But he turned human again. Now hates srk. But me... I’m dying a Salman Khan Fan.

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

@Intense so suhas me and seinfled had done this amazing job of watching race 3 twice in theatres just out of love for salman


Yeah all three of you deserve more than respect. Watching it once felt like the end of the world. :D


Well the first time i watched it with my cousin who is also a salman fan so it was painful to see it already second time it was with friends and boy was i trolled by them


On the contrary I watched first time with my sis. She’s not that knowledgeable in terms of movies and all. She also loves Salman so she liked it.

Second time went with my girl. It was after Race 3 was being trolled left right and centre. She said “itni buri nahi movie jitna troll kar rahe hain”

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  1. Watched Ghajini back to back 4 times.

  2. Bunked PUC(12th) Maths final Exam in March 2010 to watch 3 idiots(6th time). Yes it was still running at that time

  3. Went to IIMB during shoot of 3 idiots in Bangalore to catch Aamir sir but damn security guy stopped me all the times.

  4. Talaash show started at 10am but for some strange reason went at 6:30am to Gopalan Mall in Bannerghatta road to buy the tickets.

  5. Dhoom 3 saw back to back 2 shows on friday sat and Sunday. Just a day prior to the release, I went to the docor coz of High Blood pressure

  6. PK saw 12 times...

  7. Dangal managed to see just 8 times thanks to interviews and other things like Demonitization( I was trapped in Bihar).

  8. Booked Gold Glass for TOH on SAT And SUN( One ticket is around 700rs)..... Saw it 4 times back to back 2 shows.

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proud moment for salmaniacs

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)
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Never Missed any Main/Major Bollywood Movie of all Major Stars ..that too majority of them in Theatres!!!!!

For Salmaan - watched all his movies since his debut
Aamir - - watched all his movies since his debut
SRK - watched all his movies since his debut
Akshay - watched all his movies since his debut
HR - - watched all his movies since his debut
Ajay - - watched all his movies since his debut
Ranbir - - watched all his movies since his debut
Ranveer - - watched all his movies since his debut

Just talking abt these stars as most of the members here are fan of these....
so not even talking abt Amitaabh , Anil , Sunny , Govinda , Sanjay , Jackie ,etc etc...Stars of 90's!!!!

So done this crazy stuff not just for 1 Star but for the Whole Bollywood.. even after staying in US for 2 decades now.....even after having busy professional and family life....never let it to interfere my passion of watching Bollywood movies!!!!...and frankly speaking I am proud of it!!!!

by Unit Manager (39.8k points)

You are a true fan of bollywood bro and a great movie watcher as well as lover amazing

+1 vote

Great One bro...
@suhas is the Best Salmaniac in this Forum...

by Casting Director (17.6k points)

Pure chameleon....

Change with timing


Well said....(y)

+1 vote

Woah. True "Die-Hard" Fan you're. I haven't done this much craziness for SRK. Truly Amazing.

by Production Designer (13.8k points)
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nice to see such a dedicated fan.

but I do not like this point: 2018 I decided to watch only those films starring Salman Khan or produced by Salman Khan Films in theaters. Hurtful decision but I did manage that last year. Same is being followed this year too so far even though the idea of skipping Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota on 21st March is pricking.

by Editor (82.0k points)

Yeah. The year I made that decision is the year I had to skip the likes of October, Milk, Andhadhun, Tumbbad etc.. As far as 2019 goes, haven't come across any Hindi film yet to regret not watching in theater. 29th March will be the first one in theater.

Ofcourse I've been impressed by Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota promos for a long time & the idea of skipping it is bad. Especially when you know supporting Vasant Bala's film is indeed important.

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whoever does not like srk,i judge them and do not maintain a relation with them.That is extreme right?

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