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BIGGG NEWS... Akshay Kumar makes his debut on the digital platform with #TheEnd [working title]... Created by Abundantia... On Amazon Prime Original.
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So it's a day of Akshay Kumar , announcement of sooryavanshi followed by the song of kesari "Aaj Singh garjega" and now this ,he manages his time perfectly and keeps working hard to be what he is today.

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That's it, it's confirmed now, Akshay Kumar isn't human, he's a machine.

by All Time best! (269k points)

Agreed! How can he manage?


@T-Bird You can look at this in two ways,

1) He's a hard working professional doing as many projects as possible, basically a machine like you said,


2) He is not fully dedicated to the projects he commits to and hastily completes it and move on to the next one for monetary reasons.

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Like I Said Before, Akshay Kumar Is At His Peak And 2020s Can Be His Best Decade!

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This is sick af bhai ye kya insan hai

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Bright days ahead for AKKI!

by Production Designer (13.8k points)
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How much can a guy work like seriously ?

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Though akki may not have given huge grossers, atg, records at boxoffice and he has just 20% success ratio, but his hardwork had to be appreciated. Doing 110 odd movies and still doing 3-4 movie per year at this age is just great achievement..
Most of the other star fans make fun of him about his bo records, but today if he got name, it is only because of hard work he has done...
4 movies in a year and web series is just unbelievable..
His neighbor hrithik should learn from him atleast now and do atleast do 2 movies per year..

by Camera Operator (9.3k points)

Yes, he is what he is because of his sheer dedication towards work; the discipline make him what he is!


@Hritikiantilldeath his success ratio is around 47% not 20% with 51successfull films and will reach over 50% in next couple of years which is great considering his volume of work.

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Coming years Salman Akshay Ajay (9and maybe Aamir) gonna rule from Superstar's of 90's.

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Aadmi hain ya Robot. Hard working guy.

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