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I was watching reviews from critics like Rajeev Masand and Sucharita Tyagi yesterday and their reactions to Luka Chuppi made me angry. I thought "why can't a movie just be a movie anymore, why does it always have to be a totally new or unique thing just to get a passing score?" I definitely felt like they were too harsh and so I decided to watch it ASAP and build my own opinion.

And in the end, I actyactu found myself agreeing with them a bit. This is a movie that, despite being generally fun and enjoyable for most of it's runtime, leaves you feeling that a lot of potential was wasted and more could have been done.

There is a case to be made about the movie choosing to focus on just a few things and keeping it simple, but it just becomes too little and so parts of the story feel stretched.

I found the first half to be good. The basics of the premise were set-up well and all the characters were introduced well enough. But once the second half starts it's mostly their attempts at getting married and many scenes feel way too padded, basically trying to stretch the runtime. That, coupled with an underwhelming ending takes the movie down.

I do not agree with those saying that Pankaj Tripathi and Aparshakti Khurrana were wasted. They were given fun characters and they did it well enough, but not every character they play has to be outstanding.

The worst thing about the movie is the music. 5 freaking remakes. I mean, itni kam creativity hai kya jo 1-2 bhi original gaane na bana paye? It got frustrating.

Acting wise, both leads have done well. The roles don't ask much from them and they handle whatever they are given. Their chemistry is good and this couple can be repeated a few more timed.

Overall I will give it 2.5/5. It's a one-time watch that could have been much better, but the strict focus on one aspect of the story and stretching of scenes has hurt the movie. I still think most of the audience will like it.
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Well I don’t agree with you as I found the movie totally enjoyable fare .Screenplay was so engaging with such beautiful performances that you don’t need to look into script part that they were stretching the movie as they could have easily married anywhere . First half was little slow with starting it was looking like it is a preachy movie on Live In relationship but once They start living together in Gwalior and Pankaj Tripathi catches Karthik with Kriti ,that is the point when Screenplay rises above the script . Even I found the movie illogical but Screenplay was so entertaining that I was completely in laugh so many scenes in 2nd half . Pankaj Tripathi was just too good. He is rising above the script in all movies . His dialogue delivery was fantastic. All supporting actors were just so natural and good . Brilliant casting and direction. Luka Chupi is a movie which is not smart when it comes to storyline but it is definitely well made film due to its brilliant Screenplay and direction along with smart casting . It again proves Screenplay is bigger than Story . 3.5/5 for the Film . Another Super Hit for Karthik Aryan . He is a Star now in Rom-Com Space . People would definitely go to watch his rom-coms in Theatres

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Go to the sticky post. We love you.

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Aapne kahan dekha?

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