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What went wrong with Zero?


Here, let me explain


There was no such thing as story in movie, storytelling even worse, SRK Anushka love story was faulty, you can get why they can fall for each other, but the road was bumpy.
What was Katrina doing in the movie? why was she in the movie? Why are we going to Mars? Director lost track of everything he tried to do so badly that he couldn't do anything.

Presentation is the key

The genius idea of showing SRK insulting a handicapped women want enough, they had to show him having chat with her in Toilet, having sfx & then running away, even SRK throwing Shilpa in Baazigar had context & gelled with story, this here was shambles. It didn't helped that Bauua was an asshole by character.

Too much philosophy

You see sometimes exposition shouldn't be done, leaving audience guessing it's good plot, but not so much that they keep guessing what is happening on screen & why are we getting out though this?
One reason why noone could understand what's happening other than story is that director & writers m didn't explained that.
Why did Katrina hired Bauua? Only because she wanted someone to do her work?
Why did Bauua behaved like that in her party?
Why did Katrina behaved like that in her party?
What was the love of Bauua? ZigZag? He loved Anushka enough to have sfx, but not enough to marry, but now he loves her again again because of story to by Katrina? What a slime.
And how is Bauua able to break stars by his mind while Captain Marvel can just move them?
Why did Bauua who left Anushka in second half came back to her after getting beaten & dancing in busy road in mddle of NY?
Why do Bauua had to go to *** Mars & not just win an MMA competition to win back Anushka, i meant it worked for Salman?

All of these could be explained by writer in interviews, philosophically, but they won't show them because they ran out of budget which was spent on Samosas & ran out of common sense.

Finally, it was boring

Yeah, the biggest factor was this, not only the movie made no sense, it made the biggest crime a movie can do, it was boring, i don't understand what was the fuss about it's first half, which according to me was *** boring and senseless as well, artist second half had few genuinely good sequences which can be watched again on you tube and wonder only if they were in a better movie.

So this was wing with Zero, everything, from idea to script (lol) to execution & biggest thing that was wing with Zero was, that it released, bigger than biggest thing that was wing with Zero was that it was released in theatres & even worse was that public had to pay to watch this tripe.

Anushka was correct, you'll come in theatre laughing & will leave theatre crying. Audience did came in theatre in good mood, hoping to get an entertainer, and they did went crying after the movie, not because it was such an emotional gem, but because they were given a mental trauma of 2.5 hours and they paid for that and even then they weren't crying because they had to go through that, they were actually crying due to to happiness that it's finally over. Yeah, that's what went wrong with Zero.


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Why do Bauua had to go to *** Mars & not just win an MMA competition to win back Anushka, i meant it worked for Salman?
Lol @TB bang on

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Srk who probably influenced how the movie was excecuted was the wrong choice for the movie along with Anushka Sharma. Anushka’s worst performance from the trailer itself.

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The emotions didn't connect with story..You don't feel for any character..Feels like 3 stories are mixed in one..He is a launda of North, then I don't know what Katrina Kaif was doing in the film..And finally we are going to Mars..They should have emphasized the Mars story from the beginning..Or They should have shown a fan2..It was a khichidi while we wanted briyani.

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Shahrukh , Katrina , Anushka,
Jthj 2

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What went wrong pretty much everything to be honest

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Many says that Srk's Zero story was poor but many Srk movies in past also same kind of love story but at that time Srk time is good and now Srk time is over so that is the main difference. Its not Srk fault its fault of age of Srk which is looling lIke father role on screen now a days.

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In a nutshell everything. Lack of story. The story never justified the characters. SRK's Baaua Singh was the worst written character and cringeworthy at the same time. There are bad movies and then there is Zero, intolerable.

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Worst acting from all three leads.
Anushka was unbearable.
Doing physically challenged roles is not easy.
Katrina over acting went over board.
And even srk was not in great form.
Budget went over board only to show how nasa looks to the bwood audience.
There were no gripping scenes, believable scenes like actress kissing midget..
Second worst movie of srk in last 15 yrs.

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Bad lead actors....

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On the contrary, the leads tried their best. The story was wafer thin. Then there's no script to speak of actors cant do anything.

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Offcourse SRK ....
Compare ZERO & SIMMBA Opening or Small Movie Gully Boy se bhi krr lo ...
270cr Budget kii Movie ko Sirf 19cr Opening mila ...
SRK lost his stardom, His Time is Over bande me late 90s or Early 2000s Jaisa Craze nahi raha...
After 2020 He is Finished.
He should Do Grandfather & Father Role.

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Bhai baat collection ki nahi, story ki thi. Aapne dekhi hai movie?

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