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Salman Khan's Bharat Teaser On 'How's The Hype?': BLOCKBUSTER Or Lackluster?

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After covering Akshay Kumar’s Kesari in our newly started section ‘How’s The Hype?’, today we are here to take on Salman Khan’s anticipated Eid release, Bharat. While the trailer is still to come out, the recently released teaser did spark an excitement amongst fans with over 39 million views and 735K likes already.

Speaking in detail about the teaser, the duration is 1 minute and 26 seconds. Without revealing much about the plot, it gives a glimpse of Salman Khan’s different looks. Right from Naval Officer, stuntman to old-aged person, the actor is seen in different avatars. As the movie is spanning over 70 years of Khan’s character, it features six different looks of the actor.

“Aksar log mujhse puchte hai ki mera surname kya hai, jaati kya hai, dharma kya hai? Aur mein unse muskurake kehta hu ki iss desh ke naam pe mere babuji mera naam Bharat rakha….” line from the teaser gives goosebumps and promises to be full-fledged masala entertainer with a patriotic backdrop.

It could be said that makers have already hit the ball out of the park while the trailer is still awaited and with Salman Khan leading the show, Bharat is all set for an earth-shattering reception.

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Even with Race 3 which was really bad and everyone everywhere trying not to watch the movie even by cats and dogs ( BOI phrase) was not lackluster, Bharat is destined to be all time Blockbuster or mega Blockbuster with 3 crore footfalls.

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