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Yes, because i know people will find it provocative, so i already tagged it in that category.


@TB Na I meant the honest confession tag.


Well, lol

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See Full Interview Here and don't Manipulate it.


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To kya words change ho gaye?

Ek to Salman Sir ki honesty ki taarif kar raha hun, tab bhi problem hai.


I am Not saying Anything Wrong But Why Not Posted Full Interview Because Wrong And Manipulation visible.


Because i wanted to post just about this portion.


clearly visible your Intension.

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It's so old video, what's wrong with that? He's giving his reasons for charity it can be anything but atleast he's doing something for people.
They are also Human like us, they are not gods.
Aur ye Bollywood ***** ek real life failure, real world bhikhari ko dus rupee nahi deta hoga yahan pe virtual world mein gyaan bant ta hai
Atlast give Salman 100/100 for his honesty very few will dare to say that.

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I give Salman 100/100 in terms of honesty.

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" If you have to do something, you have to do it selflessly.The whole purpose of your act is diminished if you are looking for some returns."- Salman Khan

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Salman has committed many mistakes, no one can deny. But he's tried and succeeded in making himself a better person now.

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From 1:50


Yes 100/100 from my side for the honesty :D :D


Yeah this 2009 time, the animosity was at its peak.

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Well most of them knows why he does charity.

But also he doesn't do charity like from his own pocket all the time. Its that he runs an NGO where most celebs and other people gives funds and from there Salman utilizes it in charity.

Like in 2010 for TMK, Akshay and Katrina came on KBC and gave 50 Lacs winning amount to Being Human.

So like this many people donate to BH but at the end bhai ka naam aage ayega.

But its fine.

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Gonchu that bcoz he did song free of cost in tmk.. thats y they did that

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now watch as some of his fan look at his expressionless face and then claim it was "sarcasm" (giggle)

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