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Sri Lanka becomes first Asian Team to win Test series in South Africa

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Sri Lanka has become the first team from Asia to win a test series in South Africa with the margin of 2-0 .

Australia and England are the only other teams to have won since South Africa's readmission.
Source Link: Cricbuzz
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This is simply outstanding from Sri Lanka
A few words from cricbuzz which defines it perfectly
Now factor this: Chandimal - dropped. Mathews - absent. Dilruwan - dropped. Kumara - injured. Captain - missing. Coach - fresh from being stripped of the selector's tag. And most of them here on their first trip

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India would've won the test series.....but

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Sir Viv want aggressive by nature in behaviour, he was aggressive in batting, he was a dignified person who behaved with integrity in front of others, unlike free modern players.


Behaved with integrity......typical Indian fan. Loves foreigners and hates his own players. Anyways cant talk for people like Ben stokes
Virat kohli is as good as they get. He was boorish 4-5 years back but now he isnt.


Never said Virat Kohli, i think you are assuming things, i wonder why?


Apart from Ben stokes none else I can say as for now. Or a rabada who loses it. The latter is too young...he will learn with time.

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Well done Sri Lanka. Richly deserved.

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