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This 29th March, love will happen with the one you have never met. Presenting the official trailer of NOTEBOOK.

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I haven't watched the trailer and don't have any interest in watching it, but lovering someone who you haven't met with, isn't that like Lunchbox?


You forgot Sirf Tum?

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Wow, this actually looks.....good?!?!

Maybe both SKF and RCE will get hits without their owner in the main role.

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Wayy better than loveyatri but i still believe it won't work at the box office

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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  1. It looks good
  2. I liked the premise

Actors are a letdown but if the film is good, I can cope with it. If get good reviews, will watch on Amazon.

by Super-star (194k points)
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It looks like movie will be interesting

by Set Designer (2.0k points)
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If 3-minutes of the trailer is so boring, I wonder how people will survive two and half an hours. Another Loveytari and Hero on the way.

And, btw, Bhai, you don't have to wait for 29th March to observe skill of the starring actors. From the trailer, it is quite obvious they have no future here. :p

by Executive Producer (60.3k points)

29th March is a given to book the ticket for me to witness it on the big screen.

Despite being a love story, the narrative seems good. Considering the hero-heroine don't meet at all in a love story though made way too many times still saves it's intrigue.

The Bhumbro track was in sync & the cinematography was near perfect.

The reason to watch it will be for it's subtle restrained narrative. The over the top narrative would've never suited it. So you say slow, for the world of Firdaus & Kabir, this just builds on. Atleast I hope this to not be a tedious watch like Kedarnath.

Since I mentioned over the top which Hero & Loveyatri were (not loud, but really exaggerated sequences), Notebook seemed far better from the trailer & more like a painting. Provided, Nitin Kakkar has given it his best without compromising to typical Bollywood requirements.

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even salman bhai would already know that this is a flop but he has to help these guys

by Casting Director (16.6k points)
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The actress is better than the hero tbh. Skf continuing its trend of pathetic heroes.

by Mega Star (225k points)